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OmniPayments addresses audiences worldwide – have you taken a good look at OmniCloudX lately?




omni aug 19 -1

“The rapid technological development has brought with it transcendental changes in the lives of all people and in the world. The financial sector is no exception,” was the introductory observation that greeted all those in the financial industry considering participating in the Congreso Latinoamericano de Banca Digital – Innovacion Tecnologia, held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic July 11 – 12, 2019. Heralded as the place central American financial institutions should go to hear the latest on “innovation and disruption in banking: trends, errors and learning, technology: artificial intelligence, blockchain, analytics and big data, digital transformation, user experience, cybersecurity, Fintech, open banking, among others.” OmniPayments was a sponsor for this event and the turnout by the financial community was impressive.

Most important of all it was another opportunity for OmniPayments to wave the flag for its Payments Solutions as well as for HPE NonStop. When it comes to innovation and disruption in banking, it is hard to ignore the innovation and disruption NonStop is bringing to the world of financial services. “We have been first-hand witnesses to an amazing transformation of NonStop,” said OmniPayments, LLC. CEO, Yash Kapadia. “It’s no surprise to us that the impact of open banking, microservices, APIs and yes, blockchain top many financial institutions list of ‘ongoing initiatives’ just as it comes as no surprise to us when we first introduce OmniPayments and then bracket with a platform that is as available and as resilient as NonStop. In fact, with the emphasis we place on functionality and the modularity of OmniPayments, it sometimes eludes prospective clients that NonStop is even in the picture as we always focus on our use of Java, our SOA approach, our Browser interface and supporting dashboards. It is as if we are presenting solutions to financial institutions in a language they already understand. And of course, we couldn’t do this if we weren’t confident in the open and standards-based new NonStop X systems.”

As the year’s major events continue to attract attendees worldwide, these forums prove ideal venues for OmniPayments to provide updates not only on functionality but on the choices available to financial institutions looking to enhance their capabilities. It’s a competitive world and many of the legacy solutions that these financial institutions have depended upon for decades are proving to be both outdated and inflexible. Certainly, Fintechs are making inroads into traditional banking marketplaces, but it comes as a complete surprise to many of these financial institutions when we begin presenting options that include running OmniPayments on the basis of “as-a-Service.” At almost every site where we have been invited to give presentations, “when we introduce them to OmniCloudX they are taken completely by surprise. It comes completely unexpected that with our recently deployed multi-site NonStop X based cloud, we can provide OmniPayments-as-a Service for a very low monthly fee.”

Has this made an impact on the Central and Southern American marketplace? According to Yash, “this option has opened more than a few doors as trialing and then piloting OmniPayments without any upfront hardware commitment appeals to all of our prospects looking for a modern payments switch.” When we first became aware of HPE’s strategy for NonStop to move it first to a Xeon x86 platform and then, to support virtual machines, we came to the realization that this could really help our business. “No question, every financial institution has become aware of the competitiveness of cloud services and of how cloud providers can cut deeply into traditional operational expenses. It is hard to ignore the overtures these cloud providers make, but when it comes to running a payments solution, 24 x 7, in the real world with resources assigned 24 x 7, suddenly the offerings from purveyors of public clouds doesn’t look quite as attractive. This is where the door swings open even wider when they hear of OmniPayments dedicated commitment to supporting OmniCloudX on a 24 x 7 basis.”

OmniPayments has had four, sometimes five financial institutions running on OmniCloudX all at the same time. With varying degrees of maturity – some just trialing a new feature whereas other are looking to support networks of ATMs and POSs – the rapid technological development bringing transcendental changes in the lives of all people and in the world, particularly when it is targeting our financial wellbeing is indeed hard to ignore and having the option to deploy just what you need, when you need it, remains a tantalizing prospect. And one that OmniPayments is proving very adept at providing even as it increases its presence in the western hemisphere. There is still many more events scheduled for the remainder of the year and our participation will be hard to miss.

OmniCloudX, together with virtualized NonStop (vNS) as it moves beyond evaluation stage, is bound to have an impact on all financial institutions so don’t miss out on an opportunity to discuss you modernization plans with OmniPayments representatives. We always welcome any and all inquiries and of course, you can always reach us by phone or via email any time you would like to know more about OmniPayments, OmniCloudX and our support of NonStop X and vNS and about how all of these products working together can best address your payments modernization programs.

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274