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OmniPayments adds wallet support!

Continuing to build on OmniCloudX, support for Loyalty Cards and Mobile Wallets is being introduced




In the article we published in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider we began with an observation that technology is moving quickly. Perhaps we should have also added that user requirements are growing just as quickly and for OmniPayments, LLC., this means that those requirements most influencing technology choices is the user experience. It’s hard for any vendor to ignore the rising demand to perform financial transactions from a mobile phone these days and that, for many consumers, the shopping experience is blending card and smartphone usage. OmniPayments understands this and new capabilities tightly integrated with OmniPayments are now under development or have just been shipped.

OmniCloud X represented a dramatic breakthrough for OmniPayments as building out a cloud infrastructure in support of our payments solution may not have surprised too many Financial Institutions (FIs). After all, there is rarely a conference or symposium that isn’t evangelizing the need to embrace cloud computing as the place to store data and to run applications. For users the choice comes down to just how safe they feel putting customer information into an external resource managed by others, whereas vendors are being challenged to embrace Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and to price their solutions more aggressively. Perhaps what FIs may not have expected is for OmniPayments to build out their cloud infrastructure based on the latest NonStop X systems on offer from HPE. And yet, it seems almost logical to provide a payments solution on the basis of SaaS from out of a cloud that is exploiting the advantages that come from a fault tolerant architecture.

At the upcoming eBITUG event to be held in London in just a few days’ time, OmniPayments executives, Jessica Nieves and Craig Lawrance, will be giving a major presentation to the NonStop community on the topic of OmniCloudX on NonStop X: Impressive – and Affordable – Together! This will highlight the work already undertaken to bring payments solutions, as a SaaS, to market at affordable price points that even the smallest FI can afford. Whether a regional bank or small retailer and whether it’s a requirement to support thousands of ATMs or a much smaller number of supermarkets, no situation is out of the realm to be run on OmniCloudX.

However, when it comes to the user experience, a strong argument can be made for cloud computing to be an ideal way to test technology that is moving quickly and to that end, OmniPayments can turn to OmniCloudX and its very low price point to anchor the all-important PoCs and Pilots that FIs need to run in advance of adopting anything new. The latest rollout of one such new feature of OmniPayments has just taken place in Latin America where a well-known retailer has just gone live with a loyalty card application. A customer of OmniPayments for many years and featured in several conference presentations already, has chosen this new application for deployment on NonStop as the retailer’s customers were already being supported on NonStop and adding a loyalty application onto a less available platform wasn’t consistent with the goals of the retailer as they continued to differentiate their services on the basis of availability.

“Should our other clients look for OmniPayments to support their loyalty card programs, then yes, giving them the opportunity to try it out first by running the loyalty card application on OmniCloudX, certainly alleviates any concerns they may have about needing additional resources,” said Nieves. And that isn’t the only new application coming to market. While it was the user experience that led to supporting loyalty cards, it was our recognition of a growing trend to rely on smartphones that led to our latest development effort. “In this respect, we balanced the user experience needs of our customers with technology changes we are witnessing first hand,” added Nieves.

Accessing multiple functions utilizing OmniWallet



“Very soon we will be releasing support of another new product that will be an integral part of OmniPayments – OmniWallet. With this product there is now support for a mobile wallet implemented entirely on NonStop. As OmniPayments primarily supports financial switching, the addition of support for ATM and POS networks was just a beginning and as technology continues to move and the smartphone becomes the first choice to complete a financial transaction it was only logical that we developed OmniWallet and with it, added support for a mobile wallet.”

The needs of FIs coming from technology and their users will continue to fuel additional development within OmniPayments and the advantages that come with choosing the NonStop platform have made the feature offerings now being introduced more robust and reliable than otherwise could have been achieved this early in their product lifecycle. Should you want even more information about OmniCloudX and the support of new features such as loyalty cards and mobile wallet, please feel free to contact or call us at +1 408 446 9274

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274