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OmniPayments celebrating with NonStop!




Major events are always opportunities for OmniPayments to showcase its team and its products. It is important for the NonStop community to know just how committed we are to the NonStop platform and one way we like to do that is to give the community visibility to those working for the company. Likewise, when it comes to the product, OmniPayments oftentimes likes to resort to activities that can best be described as eye-catching and even spectacular and the most recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) proved to be no exception.

Given this year’s event being held close to the San Francisco airport it proved an ideal location for OmniPayments to bring to the event its management team. Many other vendors took advantage of the location as well so we kicked off our participation at TBC with a management meeting and it proved to be a very exciting time as we all looked at where markets were heading and what industry analysts were predicting. No surprises here as after strong performance in Latin America and more recently, the US, we are beginning to elevate our profile in Europe and the Far East. We have been the only official VAR for NonStop systems inside of South America but outside of there nothing should stop potential customers working with their HPE sales teams as OmniPayments is on the HPE product list and this has proved beneficial to both HPE and OmniPayments this year.

The timing of TBC definitely was cause for celebration in many ways. While many members of the NonStop vendor community celebrate year-end at different times, the end of the calendar year is not something anyone ignores. It may be the holiday season for the general public but it is also a time for review and an opportunity to measure performance for the year against expectations eastablished back in January. And on this basis, OmniPayments has had a very successful year, including the big win for OmniPayments at a big-box, bricks and morter, retailer well known to everyone in the NonStop community.

Our focus here at OmniPayments of late is in further enhancing the role of NonStop systems. We have been very successful in transitioning OmniPayments to a Software-as-a-Service offering and are very well positioned as a result to align with the HPE move towards consumption pricing. We have always developed our own tools and utilities and have elected not to depend on any third party offerings and this has given us full control over our pricing models. Moving to a consumption model simply means we carry our own internal review to produce our own pricing model without necessitating any protracted discussions with any other parties. And with that, our customer base will benefit immediately should they elect to pursue consumption pricing with HPE.

Watching the sneak peek of the third product to be introduced to the family of NonStop systems, what the HPE NonStop team is calling the Converged Virtualized NonStop (CVN) system (or, more likely as we heard some whisper, the NonStop 2), we truly sympathized with the NonStop team when it came to helping prospects configure commodity hardware in support of a workable NonStop system. Really hard, it turned out to be. The introduction of CVN is done for those NonStop customers and prospects who aren’t really well-versed in all things related to hypervisors and virtual machines.

Where there is a need to test and validate their NonStop solutions running on L-Series operating systems (and stack), then this should be a no-brainer and we wish HPE every success but for OmniPayments, this isn’t the issue and we encourage the NonStop team to maintain development of open systems with OpenStack and the KVM hypervisor. As a vendor totally committed to open infrastructure and middleware this is a very important consideration for OmniPayments and we will be working hard with the NonStop team to ensure there is no letup in the work being done to ensure longevity for what they already have in the marketplace today.

When it comes to eye-catching spectacles, this year OmniPayments was a platinum sponsor for TBC and on the Tuesday night it was indeed OmniPayments’ pleasure to be the sole sponsor of the NonStop Community Celebration and Wine-Blending Contest. Tables set up for the attendees came with a selection of wines to blend to see who could produce the best wine and once the winner was chosen, we supported the creation of dozens of bottles with the winning blend for attendees to take home with them. And the message here that many at OmniPayments took away with them was that there are many points of view within the NonStop community and yet, with such well-run events as TBC, the results proved that blends can be created where the majority of the attendees leave with an upbeat expectation for NonStop. In the end, this is always what such events attempt to create and for TBC 2017, it certainly proved to be the case.

And don’t forget too that should you like to know a lot more about the people and the products that make up OmniPayments then feel free to reach out to us and contact me – or call us at +1 787 918 0025