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OmniPayments covers the globe – its solutions spread far and wide!




omini dec 18

In case you missed it in correspondence appearing in LinkedIn and on the OmniPayments’ blog site, the OmniPayments team managed to log significant miles this past month. We attended HPE Discover 2018, Madrid, where OmniPayments Vice President – Product Delivery, Vineet Bansal (pictured above with Neil Davis and Graham Rogers), provided an update on how OmniPayments implemented a solution to help banks with Know Your Customer (KYC) problems and regulations and where OmniPayments was actively engaged in Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) implementation. OmniPayments is now an official R3 partner (scroll down to see). There were also journeys to Southern America where OmniPayments CEO, Yash, made it all the way down to Chile. And then on the other side of the Pacific, OmniPayments Consultant, Richard Buckle, was attending for OmniPayments the SIBOS Sydney 2018. OmniPayments also participated in OzTUG events in both Sydney and Melbourne. However, the big event of the month had to have been the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), where OmniPayments pulled out all the stops to ensure the NonStop community heard first hand from today’s big financial institutions and retailers on how they were benefiting from OmniPayments payments solutions.

“Covering a lot of ground” was the title of the most recent post to the OmniPayments blog where OmniPayments led the way in terms of most user presentations given with three user presentations covering different aspects of the OmniPayments product set; Evertec, JCPenney and an update from Visa Direct now supported by OmniPayments all hit on different features of OmniPayments product. Some of these users were opening up new opportunities for their customers whereas surviving a destructive hurricane certainly hit home the message of the need to have plans in place for disaster recovery. Moving a retailer to a new solution prior to one of the biggest trading days in the holiday season said a lot about the confidence of JCPenney migrating away from its former solution and switching to OmniPayments. If you missed the post to the OmniPayments blog, you can read the full story at –

There comes a time in the history of vendors, particularly solutions vendors like OmniPayments, when you can look back and say that on this occasion we witnessed a tipping point where the key messages of the company finally found traction with the marketplace. For the longest time, there were customers and prospects expressing caution about engaging with OmniPayments on the grounds that perhaps its coverage in a particular region may not be as strong as competitors or that the size of the company wasn’t to where it warranted further consideration. Let’s be very clear – OmniPayments has passed that point. If you consider the work we have done in the US with the likes of Wells Fargo and JCPenney, together with the work we do with Citi in Latin America and then consider our support operation covering the globe from Europe to Japan to the Americas there is little that can be said against the capabilities of OmniPayments today. It has the features, it tracks the industry closely, it’s sensitive to mandates and government legislation and it is ahead of the game in many ways when it comes to the options it has to where you can deploy OmniPayments.

The OmniPayments payments solutions are indeed spread far and wide. And as the OmniPayments presence grows globally so does its product set. The support of Visa will be opening new doors for OmniPayments. As Yash has reminded us all, “Even as now OmniPayments routes the transactions to VISA and banks and merchants save time and money, this is just scratching the surface for us as we anticipate further business as a result of the work being done for Visa.” Simple common sense has to tell you that a global payments technology company like Visa “connecting consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments” knows a thing or two about technology and partnerships and this is a message OmniPayments is making sure it is brought to the attention of the NonStop community.

However, it’s not just how far and wide the deployments of OmniPayments have been spread as much as the products and features are beginning to resonate well with financial institutions and retailers. Blockchain / DLT is just one investment OmniPayments has made of late but perhaps it’s the longer term view of the value of providing a vendor-supported cloud offering, as is the case with OmniCloudX, that is attracting greater attention today. No matter how big a bank or retailer may be, in today’s financial climate, IT departments are wary about the risks involved in making major hardware and software purchases in advance in order to deploy a new solution. OmniCloudX mitigates this risk and allows even these biggest institutions to take baby steps when it comes to migrating to more modern platforms like OmniPayments. And this is perhaps the biggest reason today why the reach of OmniPayments is now as global as it has become.

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274