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OmniPayments enjoys choices NonStop provides!

Developing more than one solution for one customer in one market keeps OmniPayments very nimble and HPE’s NonStop offerings helps considerably!




In last month’s issue of NonStop Insider we opened with the observation about the two different directions HPE was taking when it came to NonStop – both the traditional NonStop that is on-premise with integrated hardware and software stacks as well as virtualized NonStop that may very well be off-premise, in the cloud, and virtualized. We also remarked too about the potential for multiple combinations of the two – on premise and virtualized – and how these would give our clients many options to choose from. The message from HPE about it being a hybrid IT world hasn’t been lost on OmniPayments just as the message about simplifying the transformation to a hybrid IT infrastructure. It all makes sense and what it is also allowing Omnipayments to say to new prospects is that the storyline is about OmniPayments supporting mission critical applications without mentioning NonStop at all. Should they ask, then OmniPayments is very quick to highlight how it can not only support hybrid IT but run from out of the cloud using OmniCloudX – all on NonStop!

It is this newfound nimbleness of NonStop that we are coming to like a lot. And by this we mean the opportunity to package NonStop as part of a solution whether we will be running that solution as a managed service or leaving it to existing IT staff even as it gives us the opportunity to support it from our own cloud deployments. Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around for quite a while but we are seeing a marked uptick of interest in both managed services offerings as well as cloud offerings and with no changes to our OmniPayments solutions required, this newfound nibleness of NonStop certainly has merit for us and our clients. There are many commercials currently in the media that stress having the option to configure a product or service to behave “your way” and we now see this equally applying to solutions developed for NonStop.

The very reference to virtualization and hybrids brings to mind a message not just of nimbleness but also of popularity and the changing demographics of users. It has become the popluar topic of IT professionals everywhere to consider moving to cloud resources and in so doing, opt for hybrids of many different types. Among IT professionals today, hybrids can imply bridging traditional IT with server farms deployed as private clouds. It can also mean hybrids of private and public clouds. Where there is a presence of NonStop and IBM mainframes, it can even be a reference to mixed platforms but in each and every instance, there is the implication that an application has been sliced and diced in a manner that allows portions of the application to run on different resources and that potentially, allows the data center to better optimize its operational costs as well as respond to changing market conditions much faster than previous deployments of IT resources.

Today, pick up any publication and you will find references to the User eXperience, or UX. There was a time not so long ago where the UX acronym meant something else entirely but it is the many different types of users with different expectations as to the experience they will enjoy interacting with a merchant or web site that categorizes UX. Deliver a bad experience and you will lose customers. Deliver a rich and varied experience and your businesss will grow. Among Financial Institutions (FI) with whom OmniPayments interacts on a regular basis, this UX has led to OmniPayments placing a lot of emphasis on supporting the types of infrastructure that help enrich the UX. This includes everything from support of loyalty cards (now rolled out and live at one retailer) to support of fraud prevention (a sensitive topic for everyone who ever goes online) to greater support for mobile devices of almost unlimited variety.

Popularity and changing demographics means that millennials need to be supported in a different manner to baby-boomers just as any 21st century switch needs to support ApplePay right  alongside of branch offices. ATMs need to be functional for the older user with disabilities even as they need to support the unbanked and underbanked within our communities who may have to be supported solely via biometrics as they have no experience with account numbers or PINs. The motorcycle manufacturer Harley Davidson recently bemoaned that they could easily create new models of their motorcycles but what they couldn’t create is more baby boomers to enjoy them and this focus on just one demographic is what every FI is trying to avoid at all costs. Hence, the need to be nimble and to find those vendors providing applications that are just as nimble.

“There are many changes taking place in the consumer payments field.  Millennials no longer see any reason to go to a physical bank but are opting to do more payments via their mobile or their contactless card,” said OmniPayments Sales and Business Development VP, Craig Lawrance. “This is increasing the demand for nimble payment infrastructure switches such as OmniPayments to handle this growing volume of payments 24×7 safely and securely. It also opens the door for greater dialogue with those banks and retailers needing a switch that is proven today even as it is demonstrating support for what is coming this century!” If it’s now a time to upgrade your switch then why wouldn’t you be taking a good long look at OmniPayments – “there are plenty of FIs doing just that,” Lawrance we quick to point out.

Remaining flexible, providing options, tracking what is new while not ignoring what is needed today, and being ever mindful that nimbleness sometimes requires a combination of systems to meet your needs, your way, is what drives OmniPayments to deliver the mission critical payments solutions that it now provides. Working with customers in many countries, interacting with different demographics even as it services developed and emerging marketplaces, ensures that we can deliver the type of payments solution 21st century FIs need. With HPE giving us the option to configure our payments solution on traditional on-premise systems as well as being provided as managed services or from within our cloud – well, this is a new level of nimbleness that we are only too happy to support. Next time you want to take a look at your switch options then simply reach out to us as we would be only too happy to hear from you. And yes, please feel free to contact me – or call us at +1 787 918 0025

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025