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OmniPayments’ expands the OmniCloudX partner program!




In today’s rapidly evolving financial world, organisations the world over are being challenged to become more agile in the face of growing competition and regulation. Add to this all the pressures of Instant Payments, PSD2, GDPR and other RegTech, you’ll appreciate we have just about reached peak compliance, and there’s little resource left within organisations to evolve and compete effectively.

Today’s consumers want better financial services, simpler payments, accelerated payments, integrated loyalty, easier authentication, so banks and retailers are working to respond to meet these demands.  Institutions also realize that the best path to improving their services to customers may rest on the services of external providers, both on-premises and in the cloud.

While banks may have reliable systems in place, these have become mature, too expensive to maintain, and not easily adapted for the modern world.  Even if they wanted to, the complexity of these in-house systems means change becomes ever more challenging.

For a number of years now, OmniPayments have been helping clients to overcome these challenges, helping them to become more agile, more flexible, and improve profitability, while keeping their core business running day-to-day.  Demands such as Instant Payments, Mobile-based services, enhanced ATM services, Open Banking APIs are all examples where Banks need to move quickly to meet consumer demand.

Organizations are starting to accept that cloud-based providers may be better placed to help them to deploy new services with much greater speed than they can internally or by developing new function themselves.  Where there may have been nervousness in the past, the pure economics of the cloud is increasing its appeal.

Our global rollout of cloud-based Payments-as-a-Service OmniCloudX is gaining broad acceptance and we expect our cloud solution to give customers the plug-in payments services they need without the long lead-times typically associated with payments projects.

Built on its partner experience with HPE over the last 20 years, OmniPayments has helped a growing number of key Financial and Retail Institutions to refresh their payments technology, increase agility and vastly improve profitability. With demand for these services now increasing worldwide, OmniPayments is now expanding its own Alliance partner program across the globe to meet this.  We are now well placed to attract additional partners and to empower them to bring modern solutions to the market.

If you see opportunity in your market, talk to us at OmniPayments about joining our Alliance partner program.

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025