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OmniPayments flies higher with Payments-as-a-Service

by Craig Lawrence




omni - apr - 2020 - 1

Cloud expenditure growth is now 7 times greater than overall IT spend.  But why has its rise been so meteoric? It’s all those Apps on your phone. Everything you need is available as a service! The same cloud revolution is coming to payments, for consumers, retailers and banks.

“Payments as a Service” is now an available with OmniPayments.

omni - apr - 2020 - 2

Figure 1 – OmniCloudX underpins Payments-as-a-service

Payments are everywhere today. Payments are embedded in your phone, embedded in your games, embedded in your apps.  We as consumers are going to be moving more and more electronic money around, and only Payments as a service will meet that need.

These were some of the highlights from the post, OmniPayments flies higher with Payments-as-a-Service. To read the full story then simply click on the hyperlink or cut and past the following URL into your browser –

And while you are checking out this post, look too for an introduction too to OmniCloudX designed to better meet the needs of small to medium banks and retailers – you may be surprised how comprehensive this solution is even as it can be deployed at a surprisingly small price point.

And keep checking our OmniPayments blog for more updates on the complete OmniPayments product family.