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OmniPayments flying higher




It’s getting harder and harder to ignore the cloud revolution. Its adoption is now pervasive, its growth year on year is in double-digits. As an example, Amazon Web Services just reported a rather meaty 42% growth in revenues. The latest IDC forecast says that public cloud growth will exceed 25% year on year till at least 2020. Cloud expenditure growth is now 7 times greater than overall IT spend. But why has its rise been so meteoric? Let’s just think about all those Apps on your phone – what happens each time you fire up one of those small Apps. Something has to be tying this all together. Want to start your own company? Everything you need is available as a service, so you can be up and running in less than 24 hours.

The same cloud revolution is coming to payments, both for retailers and banks. Historically small to medium sized banks and retailers went through the same process as their larger competitors. They’d acquire the new hardware and then embark upon months of education, training, implementation, familiarization and QA to get the system ready for use. This frequently took not months but years.

One of the most exciting propositions from OmniPayments is the recent focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) especially when it comes to banks and retailers. Cloud based offerings have changed this approach and given clients a reduced time to market, increasing return on investment and profitability.

For a long time now, this sector of the market has been neglected; but no more. With the OmniCloudX payments service, institutions simply plug their existing business workflow into the OmniCloudX service. They don’t have to worry about any of the infrastructure overheads, e.g. where the system is located, who runs it, the knowledge and skills to run the system.

All this is handled by the OmniCloudX service. All the client gets are the benefits of the card payments service. And OmniPayments is expecting this to make up a growing proportion of our customer base and associated revenues as a large number of SMEs take advantage of our cloud-based solutions.

Clients have also embraced a hybrid model of cloud services. Those with an on-premise facility can leverage OmniCloudX as their business contingency; they can spread the load across both instances, proving their contingency facility with every processed transaction.

The service comes with everything you need to process card and payments. True 24*7 availability, robust security with PIN and Card management, Fraud Management, PCI DSS compliance, EMV-compliant, highly scalable and responsive, switching out to a broad range of Interchanges & Card schemes, Host system integration, clearing and settlement, easy-to-use real-time data visualization operations. Plug and Play. It’s become almost that easy with OmniPayments.

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025