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OmniPayments – following the GTUG event comes the most important takeaway of all;

HPE is harnessing the Blockchain!




“We certainly enjoyed our time at GTUG last month and Paul and I managed to find time with many members of the NonStop community,” said Craig Lawrance, OmniPayments head of European Business Development. “We have done so well in South America where we continue to add new clients and it’s something we definitely are looking to do here in Europe and across the Middle East as well as Africa – the EMEA marketplace. There are a lot of similarities when it comes to markets and the customers their financial institutions serve between EMEA and South America.

The single most important fact that OmniPayments communicates at events such as GTUG is the strength of the partnership that exists between OmniPayments and HPE. At all times, OmniPayments takes full advantage of the complete NonStop product offering, including systems as well as the full software stack. “Whenever HPE delivers something new with NonStop, we give it serious consideration and more often than not, these new products and features have a way of working themselves into our product roadmaps,” added Lawrance. “It’s only reasonable that as HPE articulates even more changes for NonStop that our development team is looking at the implications for our customers as well as the upside being provided for our customers’ business.”

This was probably best summarized in the May 27, 2018, post to the NonStop community blog, Changes of approach; changes of storylines! And NonStop anchors it all!In that post, coverage was provided of OmniPayments and all that it has achieved of late, when the post wrote:

And yet, how many members of the NonStop community have kept up with what OmniPayments has been doing of late? Starting with the basics, if you have your own NonStop hardware already deployed on-premise, then you can license the OmniPayments solution in a number of different ways. Yes, OmniPayments continues as a software solution for that section of the NonStop community. If you do not have the requisite NonStop hardware available then you can purchase NonStop from your HPE sales team, or alternatively OmniPayments can put the whole package together for you – OmniPayments is the only HPE appointed NonStop VAR for all of South America.

But wait; there’s even more! Ever since NonStop X began shipping, OmniPayments set up a series of data centers around the world in support of OmniPayments served up as Software-as-a-Service. OmniCloudX gives you immediate support of this option even as it lays the foundation for running atop virtualized NonStop. OmniPayments is already working on this latest option for NonStop from HPE and I think that this is a really good move on the part of OmniPayments. 

If you haven’t read this post as yet, simply follow the above link to read the post in full. Coming as soon as it did following GTUG supports much of what we covered at the event – our innovation when it comes to OmniCloudX and our partnership with HPE when it comes to our VAR relationship. What is also important to remember is that in addition to the VAR relationship where OmniPayments can sell NonStop systems in select markets, HPE has the ability to sell OmniPayments solutions. This is a very important consideration for any financial institution looking to migrate away from legacy payments solutions and to more modern implementations that fully exploit all that is new from HPE.

In the post already referenced above, there is one other item that was discussed during GTUG. And that was the work being done within HPE in support of blockchain or, as HPE now refers to it, Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology. The difference between what OmniPayments is doing versus other vendors is that while others are only looking at the potential opportunities that could support blockchain technology, OmniPayments is actually implementing something real:

For anyone who has noticed the uptick in visibility of OmniPayments and is following them on LinkedIn, watching the promotions being made for upcoming participation at RUG meetings, you will have seen one more very important development. 

Yash isn’t just talking about Blockchain, or trying to educate the NonStop community about its potential benefits for NonStop users. Quite the opposite – he is doing something with Blockchain. There is work under way to integrate the Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (MCDLT) on NonStop into OmniPayments. 

Once again, GTUG proved invaluable for OmniPayments in that we were able to discuss all of this with members of the NonStop community. With so much new coming rapid fire from NonStop development it may seem that HPE is moving much faster than its customers. At times, it appears that the NonStop community is taking a more measured approach to deploying what NonStop is now building – and this isn’t surprising. The nature of mission critical transaction processing is that risks need to be avoided at all costs. However, the upside of this rapid-fire development coming from the NonStop team is that clearly HPE is fully behind NonStop and that is probably the most important takeaway from GTUG of all!

In the coming months with RUG events continuing to be scheduled through the summer, expect to hear even more from OmniPayments. Look for us as we will be present at almost all of the events – and yes, you will see us too at more industry events. We hope to see you all and if you miss us for any reason, you can always reach us via email or simply give us a call!

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025