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OmniPayments – Highlights from NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2016

Customer presentations and demonstrations showcasing the performance of OmniPayments solution on NonStop X among highlights at 2016 Boot Camp …




Perhaps the most important aspect of attending events like Boot Camp is an opportunity to hear about how NonStop users are deploying new solutions on NonStop. In the lead up to Boot Camp presentations given by OmniPayments at Regional User Group (RUG) events had included references to recent wins but hearing about what was OmniPayments features that are being deployed on HPE NonStop systems proved to be a compelling reason to attend two user presentations sponsored by OmniPaymnets.

One such presentation was Banco Agrario replaces Unix-based financial transaction switch with NonStop X solution that saw a new NonStop X system installed and as such, represented a “new logo” being added to the NonStop user community. The other presentation was Casa Ley select new loyalty rewards program on HPE NonStop that saw a new application being deployed on an existing NonStop system. Adding a second or even a third application onto an already installed NonStop system sends a strong message to the NonStop community about just how important a role NonStop systems play in a customer’s IT plans.

The presentation by Banco Agrario was given by the customer from Colombia while a last minute change in circumstance saw the presentation by Casa Ley being given by VP Client Services, OmniPayments, Inc., Jessica Nieves. Jessica made a strong case for why additional programs rolled-out by retail users, like Casa Ley, should be supported by new services on NonStop.

As Craig Lawrence, VP New Business Development EMEA, OmniPayments, Inc., observed in the post A last look at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp, 2016 to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, “End-user presentations created discussions which were hugely positive (and it) made me think that so many more attendees could have benefitted from being there. I have to admit I didn’t take note of every person in the room, but to my mind, every HPE field member should have been in that room.”

Following these user presentations OmniPayments hosted a Monday late night “Nightcap” for attendees where we provided a live demo highlighting just how many transactions can flow through an OmniPayments switch and in times where 1,000tps and 2,500tps continue to impress, attendees saw more than 5,000tps passing through a NonStop X system running OmniPayments.

The NonStop System used for the demo was a NonStop X NS7 X1 featuring 6 quad-core CPUs. OmniPayments was configured to run in four of them while our simulators were configured to run on the other two. We sent over five million purchase transactions to OmniPayments where we exceeded 5,000 TPS. The CPUs were only at half capacity while the average response time remained around 4ms. Shortly, a video will become available on the OmniPayments web site featuring this demonstration undertaken at Boot Camp.
New systems sales; new applications sales; deployed on premise or as SaaS; new cloud offerings with OmniCloudX – the options for financial institutions when it comes to payments solutions continues to grow to meet their diverse requirements. Look for even more news coming from OmniPaymnets as we head into 2017 – a year we are looking forward to greeting shortly!

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274