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OmniPayments, HPE, and the value of OmniPayments solutions!




OmniPayments, together with HPE, covers a lot of miles to switch on Financial Institutions everywhere to the value of OmniPayments solutions!

Switching on a light is easy. Switching on a global community is an operation of an entirely different nature – there is no simple switch to flip. You have to go out there and tell your story country by country and region by region. The events we covered in previous articles including GTUG, N2TUG as well as HPE Discover 2018 are well and truly behind us, but that was just the beginning of the travels for the OmniPayments’ executive team. When you think of possible opposite ends of the globe perhaps you don’t automatically think of Chile and South Africa but for sailors of years past, both these locations represented formidable obstacles as both sent ships so far south to round their respective capes, there was no place for the faint of heart.

No such issues today, of course, but for OmniPayments CEO, Yash Kapadia, and his team, sponsorships of both LATUG event for Latin America NonStop users together with participation at this year’s PASA event – The Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) – held in Johannesburg, South Africa, meant there was a lot of air miles racked up as Yash had meetings back in North America to attend as well. But it’s all good news for the NonStop communities as well as Financial Institutions (FIs) involved in the payments industry. “Honestly, we will go to wherever there are communities looking for modern payments solutions,” said Yash. “Our OmniSwitch solution, for instance, is a successful product that has met the selection criteria of multiple FIs across different continents and it is supported by a team of knowledgeable NonStop architects and consultants.”

South Africa has always been a major drawcard for members of the NonStop vendor community as it is home to a very loyal base of NonStop users. The annual SATUG events have always attracted a big crowd and for a very long time it has seen the presence of many vendor CEOs. On more than one occasion it has played host to the former ITUG board of directors and as such, it has always been about payments and telco – the traditional strongholds for NonStop. “But you really do have to go and talk to customers yourself,” said Yash. “Over the past couple of years, Latin America has been very good for OmniPayments and we have been very pleased with the responses we have received from major Latin American FIs. However, when it comes to South Africa and much of the sub-Sahara region, OmniPayments has the scalability FIs are looking for as our premier offering, OmniSwitch, can readily scale up and down to meet local conditions. This is a huge benefit for us and one that continues to separate us from other payments solutions.”

HPE is doing its part to help us as well. With the support for x86 Xeon processors, there is less of a hurdle to jump over when discussions turn to the hardware requirement. Perhaps even more impressive has been the commitment HPE has made to virtualization and the support of virtualized NonStop (vNS) for VMware resonates well with prospects. “And then there is the converged virtualized NonStop offering – the newly announced NS2 – that looks to be a strong candidate for implementation by tier 2 and 3 FIs,” said Yash. “We see potential for both NS2 and NonStop X in this region and we are very hopeful that we can switch on this region to all of the benefits available from OmniPayments.

While it’s still early days for us, we should not ignore how effective our OmniCloudX solution has become in resolving issues to do with having to finance equipment during PoC and Pilot phases – OmniPayments is in the unique position of having built out a global cloud infrastructure utilizing the latest NonStop X systems whereby any prospect, whether in South Africa or anywhere else around the globe, can access all the features of OmniPayments running on HPE NonStop systems on a pay as you go basis. “So much of the industry is talking about the benefits of consumption pricing and OmniPayments has these bases already covered,” said Yash. There is even more exciting news coming from OmniPayments as we begin evaluation of R3 Corda blockchain as it pertains to Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti Money Laundering (AML) and we anticipate that this will strike a positive note with many of our OmniPayments customers.

It’s a lot of travel and Yash is being well supported by other members of the executive team, but it’s proving beneficial to OmniPayments as it continues to switch on more FIs to OmniPayments. If you would like to know a lot more about OmniPayments and about OmniSwitch or OmniCloudX or the company’s blockchain initiative, then you can always reach us via email or simply give us a call! Contact me directly – all of my contact info is posted below and I would really welcome any questions on any topics that you might have!

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel+1 787 918 0025