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OmniPayments in sync with industry – ATMs continue to evolve

With OmniPayments support of NonStop X today and Virtualized NonStop in the roadmap – the path to SaaS and even PaaS is clear!




Any chance to visit Orlando is sufficient excuse for OmniPayments to pack their bags and head to the airport. This time, it was for the ATMIA US Conference – a gathering of everyone who is anyone in the ATM business. Whether it is manufacturing ATMs, building safes and other security related technologies, or providing payments solutions, Orlando proved to be an attractive propositioning drawing more than 100 exhibitors to a crowded exhibition floor. For three days OmniPayments was able to mingle with many financial institutions that rely on OmniPayments for the payments solutions as there was a good turn-out by IT and business professionals from many different countries in the western hemisphere.

While OmniPayments didn’t have a booth this year, all who registered for the event that picked up the conference bag found a colorful brochure featuring OmniPayments and this proved to be a good way to introduce the company to those companies that might otherwise not be aware of our solutions or of just how many financial institutions rely on OmniPayments for their payments solutions. For the NonStop community, the good news here is that the message of OmniPayments is intrinsically one of NonStop and it didn’t escape the attention of those who OmniPayments approached that its payments solution could be deployed out of the company’s cloud – yes, SaaS approaches was a feature of many of the breakout sessions that accompanied the event.

There has been some coverage already of OmniPayments participation in the ATMIA US Conference. OmniPayments Inc. VP Client Services, Jessica Nieves was joined by OmniPayments consultant Richard Buckle and together they found time to talk with many of the participants. In the post of February 24, 2017, to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse, ATMIA US Conference – plenty of familiar faces! reference was made to the overall mix of attendees, noting that there were also a number of vendors who were in the payments processing business and for the HPE NonStop community it was encouraging to see companies like VISA, Pulse, FSS and FIS occupying booths on the exhibition floor. It looked like the expo floor that the event organizers of the NonStop Technical Boot Camp would sure like to see supporting their annual event.

On the other hand, in the post that followed a few days later on February 26, 2017, to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, For HPE NonStop users, ATMIA US Conference and a walk down memory lane … Jessica Nieves recalled that, “For many years now we have supported the NonStop community’s RUG events worldwide and there would be few members within the NonStop community that didn’t know about OmniPayments. However, we are winning even more business away from legacy vendors of payments solutions and with our move to provide OmniPayments on the basis of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from out of our own cloud, we need to broadcast this message to a much larger audience. And yes, our OmniCloudX offering utilizes NonStop X systems, which is surprising to many we talk to and it’s just the beginning. Our product roadmap for OmniPayments includes future support of Virtualized NonStop which will significantly enhance our ability of fast provisioning of our payments solutions for those FIs who may want to modernize their infrastructure and solutions.”

Perhaps the most newsworthy aspect of being present at this conference came when some of the big banks began talking about their next-gen ATM networks. Here we all heard about “headless ATMs” as well of news that for many big banks, the experience we all share today when we get in our cars and easily synch our smartphones to our car’s info-entertainment systems should be something that we can experience when interacting with ATMs. Transitioning seamlessly between any banking channel has been a goal of financial institutions for many years but now it’s becoming a priority as the demographics suggest that all the younger generation will carry with them is the smart phone.

But it’s not just about the user interface anymore. “For any account we will see the same numbers,” said Citibank Director of Digital ATM, Peter Kulik. When it comes to the many channels we interface with, “Across everything we want to ensure our customers see the same amounts for the same accounts.” The implication here is that deeper into the payments solutions supporting the ATM network, synchronization of updates is done in a manner that at no time is old information presented. What will the new ATMs look like? They will have one or more of the following, according to Kulik. They will be thin clients, with defined APIs (likely to be published for access by business partners), feature micro services and yes, be connected to clouds where the payments solution is provided on the basis of a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) from out of a Citi specified container (for manageable security).

All of which is to confirm that OmniPayments is headed in the right direction. As Jessica noted above, “Our move to provide OmniPayments on the basis of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) from out of our own cloud,” is one milestone on the OmniPayments roadmap that is already in use whereas “future support of Virtualized NonStop which will significantly enhance our ability of fast provisioning of OmniPayments payments solutions” is not far away. The value of getting on a plane and flying to Orlando? It is very much a cliché to add, “priceless” but there is nothing better to sum up the experience.

And remember, should you want even more information about OmniPayments and the new OmniPayments Cloud services featuring OmniCloudX or have an interest to know of OmniPayments plans to support Virtualized NonStop, please feel free to contact or call us at +1 408 446 9274

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274