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OmniPayments looks forward to a prosperous 2017

Building on the success of OmniCloudX in 2016 will give clients more choice and greater flexibility in a year of growth in 2017.




As we head into the New Year, we see 2017 as a year of expanded opportunities for OmniPayments, Inc. The year 2016 was very good for OmniPayments and as we look back at all we achieved, we can honestly say that for us, the NonStop business has turned a corner and that we are primed to grow right alongside HPE NonStop. It’s been many years since we saw as much interest as we’re witnessing now in NonStop, whether it’s coming from our existing customers or prospects.

The general availability of the NonStop X family of systems has been a game-changer for us and coming at a time where we have seen numerous tweets and blog posts from other vendors highlighting how their solutions for NonStop have made it into “cool” categories, this makes us just as excited about NonStop. Being categorized as a cool product certainly helps us with our messaging for OmniPayments. After several years of burying our NonStop servers within our own packaging as part of a NonStop / Linux hybrid, we are now happier than at any time these past couple of years to tell the story of NonStop.

A key message for us (and one you will find on the OmniPayment web site) is “OmniPayments is High Capacity; OmniPayments is Reliable; OmniPayments is Cost-Effective.” For us, fault tolerance is certainly a topic of discussion across the financial services industry but in the past, the assumption has been that you can have fault tolerance but you cannot have performance and with the new NonStop X systems, we have been demonstrating that indeed you can have both, and at price point equal or below equivalent configurations running on clusters.

We have made a considerable investment in ensuring OmniPayments runs on NonStop X. At the outset, we had reservations of course. It’s only natural to assume changes of this type will highlight potential deficiencies as we change the underlying endianness or even bottlenecks in our own code as we run on faster processors – but this didn’t happen as we continued with the validation process. Much the same story is being told by other vendors. However, we are the first to market with a payments solution running as a service – NonStop X is now the basis for running OmniCloudX about which you will be hearing a lot as 2017 unfolds.

But the highlight for OmniPayments (having completed the validation on NonStop X) is that we have been assured we will be able to run on virtual NonStop (vNonStop). Without further changes! HPE NonStop development has taken steps to assure the NonStop vendor community that, if it runs on NonStop X then it will run on vNonStop. And we have plans for OmniPayments running on vNonStop, but more of that later in the year.

If as yet you haven’t checked the OmniPayments web site you may have missed the uploading of our performance demo unveiled at last year’s 2016 NonStop Technical Boot Camp. Just follow this link to see more of how we blew past 5,000 tps with a routine NonStop X configuration:

Last month, we wrote of how we are looking forward to the arrival of 2017 and now the year has started, we would like to thank all of our customers for their support even as we wish to assure them that they will now have many options available to them when it comes to running OmniPayments – but they will all be NonStop! We look forward to hearing from you and yes, look for OmniPayments participation at upcoming RUG events this year and of course, don’t hesitate in giving us your requirements as we would be only too happy to hear from you. All the best from our team for 2017 and may it prove to be a time of prosperity for all of you!

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274