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OmniPayments meeting needs of customers on premise and off!

Developing more than solution helps broaden the conversation and there are real differences today coming from banks and retailers …




There is no escaping that HPE is taking NonStop in two different directions; physical systems, e.g. NonStop X and virtual ones, e.g. Virtualized NonStop. It would also be easy to add that HPE now has a very serious value proposition (together with a highly viable alternative to other systems) on its hands with NonStop X even as it contemplates a growth proposition with its new Virtualized NonStop. However it has been conversations of late with customers that it may not be as black and white as it may at first appear – when it comes to success for NonStop, there are many shades of gray appearing. However, the mere fact that HPE is giving vendors like OmniPayments, LLC., an opportunity to better tailor solutions for marketplaces both big and small is encouraging to see and as we take the message of OmniPayments into these marketplaces we are finding new ways to fashion solutions even for those who have had little prior exposure to NonStop.

Several years ago the decision was taken to rack-up our own hardware offerings and today, we enjoy being a VAR for both NonStop and Atalla in select South American markets. “We have done very well these past few years,” said OmniPayments Marketing VP, Jessica Nieves, “simply because we can demonstrate solutions running on systems with very low cost of ownership. We have always known the attractive ROI from utilizing NonStop can be readily achieved but stepping up to using NonStop always represented a large up-front investment. Furthermore, access to skilled staff wasn’t easy to come by and in most situations, we were providing the managed services support right alongside the product. But this is all beginning to change for the better for OmniPayments.”

Driving this change is both the lower cost of NonStop X as well as OmniPayments ability to offer OmniPayments products on the basis of Software-as-a-Service. Since we announced OmniCloud X there has been considerable interest in what this produces in the marketplace. For some reason, the results to date aren’t entirely what we had predicted. “There are banking customers for instance who will be hard pressed to leave their NonStop X ‘physical systems.’ For them it’s the regulatory climate that makes them a little frightened to dive too deep into the world of clouds,” added Nieves. On the other hand, with Virtualized NonStop whereas “we thought the attraction would be with developers and those testing updates, it hasn’t quite materialized as we expected.”

For retailers, where the entire industry is undergoing transformation as bricks and mortar establishment are being effectively thrown under the bus as online vendors take their customers from them, to remain competitive these retailers are coming to the realization that they aren’t in the IT business. The expenditure on IT no longer has the payback once anticipated so as we promote OmniCloud X, it isn’t just the small retailers who are interested in our offering but some of the biggest retailers in North America see this as a viable solution to them significantly reducing their cost of IT.

Of course, it is easy for any vendor to paint a rosy picture about their primary vendor’s offerings and the transformation under way within the NonStop organization as it tackles the provision of both physical and virtual systems but at least HPE continues to push the envelope. It may not achieve success with every client it reaches out to but it is clear to OmniPayments that it is absolutely critical for the NonStop team to have product offerings that meet customers’ needs whether they are looking for on-premise solutions or are demonstrating a preference for embracing cloud computing. “Of course, Virtualized NonStop has captured our interest here at OmniPayments and we believe we are among the earliest to pilot solutions on Virtualized NonStop,” said Nieves. “But we expect it will be some time before a clearer picture forms as to just how big a market opportunity this becomes.”

It’s too early to predict how big a change cloud computing and virtualization will bring about in banking and retail industries but for us, knowing how HPE is continuing to invest in NonStop is renewing our confidence in the systems and platform. Today we have multiple clients in production running from out of our SaaS offering based on OmniPayments even as we continue to build our own systems around NonStop and Atalla for those who prefer the current x86 blades solutions to be deployed on-premise. From what we are observing, the increased momentum by HPE sales to migrate NonStop users to NonStop X systems is beginning to pay dividends and we encourage all users to give serious consideration to this latest product family from NonStop.

In case we miss stressing this point, we have found the extra headroom on offer from NonStop X sufficient to bring back onboard applications we once ran only on Unix. And this just has to be a big plus for the NonStop community. After all, more applications running on NonStop makes the product even more “sticky” with the NonStop user community. This extra headroom allows us to introduce loyalty card programs (yes, we have our first user in production) as well as new mobile wallet products – all of which goes to reinforce our message about just how committed OmniPayments remains when it comes to providing solutions on NonStop.
Should you want further information about OmniPayments for on-premise deployment, or more on OmniPayments as SaaS with OmniCloudX, or even information about our loyalty product and how we support a mobile wallet, please feel free to contact me – or call us at +1 787 918 0025

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025