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OmniPayments soars with “Payments-as-a-Service”




The cloud is coming to NonStop.  For so long now, NonStop was always on-premise. You bought it or you financed it. Either way you paid for it as an asset. But this is old-style IT; and it takes way too much time and skill to get into place.  Business in today’s NonStop space no longer has the luxury of time. It needs immediate cloud, right now.

The same cloud revolution is coming to payments, for consumers, retailers and banks.  Time to market is now a key differentiator for the provision of payments infrastructure. OmniPayments brings a global backbone of systems spanning the globe which will allow clients to move quickly and nimbly.  “Payments as a Service” is now an available with OmniPayments.   Let’s assume you want to enter the payments business.  Are you really going to spend 18 months to 2 years and millions of dollars building a data centre, installing systems, firewalls, just to get into a business you wanted to be in 2 years ago?

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Clients are rapidly realising the choice and rapid time to market that Payments as a service offers them.  And that OmniPayments is one of the few games in town with the reliability and scalability to allow them to meet the needs of the 7 billion consumers on planet earth.

Payments is everywhere today. Payments are embedded in your phone, embedded in your games, embedded in your apps.  We as consumers are going to be moving more and more electronic money around, and only Payments as a service will meet that need.  As an example, Korea announced back in 2016 their intended goal of becoming a cash-free society by 2020. They’ll probably get there. Other countries will follow suit.

One of the most exciting propositions from OmniPayments is the recent focus on small to medium sized banks and retailers.  Cloud based offerings have changed this approach and given clients a reduced time to market, increasing return on investment and profitability.

For a long time now, this sector of the market has been neglected; but no more. With the OmniCloudx payments service, institutions simply plug their existing business workflow into the OmniCloudX service.  They don’t have to worry about any of the infrastructure overheads, e.g. where the system is located, who runs it, the knowledge and skills to run the system.  All this is handled by the OmniCloudX service.   All the client gets are the benefits of the card payments service.

Clients have also embraced a hybrid model of cloud services.  Those with an on-prem facility can leverage OmniCloudX as their business contingency; they can spread the load across both instances, proving their contingency facility with every processed transaction.

The service comes with everything you need to process card and payments. True 24*7 availability, robust security with PIN and Card management, Fraud Management, PCI DSS compliance, EMV-compliant, highly scalable and responsive, switching out to a broad range of Interchanges & Card schemes, Host system integration, clearing and settlement, easy-to-use real-time data visualisation operations.

Plug and Play. It’s become almost that easy with OmniPayments.