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OmniPayments supports thriving user groups’ meetings

Continuing to give presentations and to hold discussions on OmniPayments rollout of solutions for NonStop X and the Cloud!




It has been a very busy time for the sales, marketing and business development team, with multiple events scattered around the globe. The most recent gathering of NonStop users was at the N2TUG event in Dallas and Diane and Bill have to be congratulated for hosting an event that attracted a good crowd. Was it close to 100 attendees? OmniPayments, LLC. thinks the final numbers will be very close to 100 and with numbers like that, N2TUG will always attract OmniPayments participation.

As a sponsor and presenter, it’s an opportunity and indeed a privilege we don’t take lightly. When it comes to big events it’s hard to ignore the big turnout at events like CTUG and SunTUG and now, N2TUG. Of course, there are major global events of which the most recent, eBITUG, is a true representative and, this along with the even bigger NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), continues to highlight the enthusiasm of the NonStop community. For OmniPayments, there are still lots of unanswered questions concerning the future of NonStop both on physical systems as well as on virtual machines but for now and with what we are witnessing it would seem to us that there is a lot of value yet to be unlocked from NonStop.

As frequent flyers on OmniPayments staff who truly are road warriors, the recent spate of airline outages has to make us wonder why more NonStop systems aren’t at the heart of all mission critical applications. For the financial services industry, including banks and retailers, the recognition of the value proposition of NonStop remains firm and the investments in solutions for financial institutions remains a priority for OmniPayments. The presentations we have given at this year’s user events has centered on our roll-out of OmniPayments on the latest NonStop X systems as well as the creation of private clouds based on NonStop X systems. We also talked about the new Mobile Wallet as well as Mobile Aps as both topics are proving popular and informative.

Whether you prefer on-premise equipment or would rather have the OmniPayments team do it all for you from out of their Cloud centers located around the globe, there is a choice as to how best to meet your needs. There are customers now live running OmniPayments on NonStop X systems as there are customers running the latest offering from OmniPayments, OmniCloudX. And there is more to come. We have begun our own testing and validation of OmniPayments running on Virtualized NonStop as we believe very strongly that this will be an option that numerous smaller financial institutions will find very attractive.

However, all the decisions we take at OmniPayments are based on customer feedback and follow interactions and discussions we have with customers and prospects alike, no matter the venue. Our participation in NonStop user events is a major opportunity for us to watch for emerging trends and seeing how these events continue to attract a crowd, the feedback we get is very important to our team. Sales, marketing and business development may have become road warriors with time for little else that airport check-in lines and hotel lobbies, but whenever and wherever the NonStop community gathers, we will be there supporting OmniPayments.

Should you want further information about OmniPayments for on-premise deployment, or more on OmniPayments as SaaS with OmniCloudX, please feel free to contact or call us at +1 787 918 0025

Jessica Nieves | Vice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025