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OmniPayments – with HPE Discover firmly in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a closer look at OmniPayments strategy!




There are two major initiatives under way at OmniPayments and each of them is generating a lot of interest within the NonStop community as well as among financial institutions (FIs). While OmniPayments will continue to be the premier supplier of software solutions to financial switches, embracing cloud with OmniCloudX and Blockchain in support of Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti Money Laundering (AML) is certainly stirring up the NonStop community even as it brings the spotlight around to shine more directly on OmniPayments. As a company that has traditionally stayed true to the NonStop product roadmaps, not forgetting how committed the company is to squeezing out the best possible performance from the NonStop system, OmniPayments is now busily populating multiple data centers with new NonStop X systems.

Just as HPE is pursuing a strategy centered on simplifying hybrid IT, it is OmniPayments strategy to follow a similar path in order to provide more choices to consume OmniPayments features and more choices for FIs means more options becoming available from OmniPayments. For many years, OmniPayments has been assembling complete systems in support of OmniPayments that included not just NonStop systems but Proliant servers as well as Atalla security units – hybrid IT has been “standard operational procedure” for OmniPayments for the past five plus years. In many ways, OmniPayments was the first NonStop vendor to seize on the benefits of pulling together a hybrid-in-a-box – a system affectionately referred to as Yash’s Y-Box – and the experience and subsequent confidence that developed has made the OmniPayments team happy to package systems that include mixes of traditional systems as well as clouds. Not surprisingly to any member of the NonStop community, it is OmniPayments intent to build out its cloud offerings using NonStop X systems.

However, let’s step back and consider NonStop. With the experience in NonStop gained through the decades is it conceivable for NonStop to support Blockchain and add value to such applications as KYC? In a post immediately following HPE Discover blogger, Richard Buckle, addressed these topics. “And what about the latest initiative supported by NonStop – blockchain? There were demos too of blockchain on NonStop as part of NonStop support of financial institutions … the role of NonStop in racks of racks and racks of blades with the potential support from Synergy and all supporting meaningful applications like Know Your Customer (KYC) certainly provides argument enough that HPE is behind NonStop and in a very big way!” To read the blog in full, just click on this link to HPE Discover delivers; it’s now all about execution!or cut and past the following link into your browser –

It would have been hard to miss the many presentations given at RUG events worldwide by OmniPayments VP, Jessica Nieves. In these presentations considerable time was devoted to OmniCloudX as well as to a real world opportunity for OmniPayments on NonStop in support of what HPE is calling Mission Critical Distributed Ledger Technology (MCDLT). Shortly there will be further coverage of this in a feature article to be published by a well-known banking technology media company. In that article you will read, “My presence in Dallas led me to sit-in on a presentation by OmniPayments VP, Jessica Nieves. While OmniPayments provides payments solutions for multiple financial institutions, including one of the largest banks in the U.S. that routinely processes a billion ATM and POS transactions per month, it has been at the request of a South American financial institution with four million card holders that OmniPayments has taken up the HPE solution for blockchain.”

As Jessica Nieves explained it, “As we dug deeper into the customer requirements it became clear to us that this was a text-book case for implementing Know Your Customer (KYC) along with Anti Money Laundering (AML) that begged for an MCDLT solution. As long time partners of HPE familiar with NonStop Systems it was only natural for OmniPayments to turn to this new product offering to better address the customer needs.” The response from the audience was telling – suddenly, blockchain jumped from the whiteboard to take center stage in the discussions that followed. Once again, while the industry is talking about blockchain and the potential it brings to the table within certain market segments, OmniPayments is already doing something and this year, we should see the early fruits of the effort being made by OmniPayments.

OmniPayments strategy is very clear. Focused as we are on NonStop we expect to see more options coming from HPE that OmniPayments will be able to leverage even as we look to exploit new compute paradigms such as hybrid clouds and new technologies, like blockchain. All for the benefit of our customers, of course, and at price points we believe are the best in the industry. If you would like to know a lot more about OmniPayments and about OmniCloudX and the company’s blockchain initiative, then watch for our next RUG presentations as we continue to cover the world. And yes, we hope to see you all and if you miss us for any reason, you can always reach us via email or simply give us a call!

Jessica NievesVice President Marketing | tel +1 787 918 0025