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Options to Expand NonStop Opportunities



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As we all know, business is becoming increasingly technology based. With this, enterprises need to deliver new digital services and be better at business innovation on an ongoing basis to continue being relevant and to expand their opportunities. This is fundamental to delivering value, growth, creating wealth, etc. – which is very important to Customers and stakeholders.

In conjunction with this, from an IT perspective, many organizations with NonStop are leveraging the benefits that come with the platform, including NonStop in an Enterprise Standardization Strategy, using cross-platform tools to increase NonStop appeal within IT, and modernizing information services to improve business outcomes and competitiveness.

Further, with the importance of digital services to increase relevance and revenue as well as mitigate business risk, a growing number of organizations recognize the need to “Align Applications and Platforms.” With this, information services essential to the business need to be on platform or on a service with very availability and performance – all the time.

Fortunately, by design, NonStop is well suited to enabling organizations successfully address these very demanding requirements and increasing business, User, regulatory, etc. needs.

In this context, there are multiple ways to increase NonStop relevance –

  1. To satisfy very demanding and important business needs

  1. To support a “Cloud Strategy”

  1. Technology Life Cycle Selling

  1. Being a  Strategic Solution Partner

  1. Being Entrepreneurial

A.    Albertsons promotes branded products with Pinterest’s shelf-edge media platform

Albertsons is rolling out a Pinterest shelf-edge program that welcomes shoppers to open Pinterest on their smartphone and take a photo of a finished dish located next to a product’s price, before being directed to the grocer’s Pinterest page to access information about the product and other ingredients along with the recipe. During a holiday test, Albertsons used Pinterest Trends insight to develop its recipe selections based on consumer interest.  Grocery Dive

B.     Danske Bank builds on machine learning to predict IT failures

Denmark’s Danske Bank wants to apply machine learning to predict and fix IT problems before customers experience problems. With IT outages regularly causing downtime for mobile banking apps and online banking systems, banks’ reputation among customers is at stake as they increasingly promote digital channels.

C.     Shipping giant Maersk on taking a cloud-first approach to disrupting the competition

Danish transport and shipping giant Maersk has shared details of the cloud-first strategy it is pursuing as it seeks to retain its market-leading position, while surfacing new opportunities for revenue growth. In conjunction with this, Rasmus Hald, who heads up Maersk’s cloud centre of excellence, said the firm is facing a number of wide-ranging competitive threats.


As you can see, there are options for Expanding NonStop Opportunities.  To better understand each of these scenarios, future articles will provide additional insight.

In the interim, you are welcome to contact HPE or CAIL if you have a suggestion or are aware of an opportunity, or to learn more improving outcomes with NonStop.  For additional information on organizations getting more benefits from NonStop see Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop in the CAIL Suite section at


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