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Partnerships? Together Striim and HPE will provide NonStop users with the real time data streaming platform to better integrate with today’s enterprise hybrid IT



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Call them relationships, partnerships or ecosystems. It matters little, but what it highlights is that enterprises gain market share when they work well with others. No enterprise operates a business in isolation; no enterprise succeeds in business functioning as an island. Perhaps lighthouse keepers, isolated in the tower they maintain might hold a contrarian view, but even so, they still require fuel and food to be delivered on a regular basis.

When it comes to the world of hybrid IT the demands on HPE NonStop systems to participate is growing. When you consider that data is created on NonStop as NonStop solutions continually process transactions 24 x 7, understanding the nuances of the marketplace can only realistically be achieved following analysis. Global views of information flowing through an enterprise is key to understanding change and to do so efficiently and cost effectively, today’s enterprise look to deploying data streaming platforms.

What the global pandemic has highlighted these past couple of years is that supply chains are broken. Whether it is a chip shortage, a delay in container shipments or even a lessening of human resources, enterprises know full well that drawing support from multiple suppliers has become instrumental to their continuation in business. Much the same can be said about Striim in terms of connections. With a growing number of connectors enabling interfaces to a prolific array of sources and targets, Striim provides the ideal solution for HPE NonStop users. There is practically no limit to where the data created on NonStop can be delivered. Traditional systems, virtual systems and even clouds are all accessible to NonStop.

The partnership with the HPE NonStop team now ensures a fast-track approach to purchasing and the deploying Striim. In the February 15, 2022, press release, Striim and Hewlett Packard Enterprise partner to offer high performance, mission-critical solutions with real-time analytics Striim CEO and Chairman, Ali Kutay, said “Partnering with HPE enables us to address a critical pain point among enterprises today – the ability to obtain real-time data insights into operational systems to improve intelligence and decision-making for rapidly evolving, high-performance businesses.” These pain points have been real and yet with Striim, “access to real-time data is crucial for ensuring that IT systems can support business operations and customer experiences.”

The presence of NonStop systems within some of the biggest financial institutions, manufactures and transportation enterprises is well known within Striim. “We understand the value proposition of NonStop when it comes to supporting business around the clock,” said Phillip Cockrell, Sr Vice President of Business Development at Striim. “Having access to the Striim real time data streaming platform means that those enterprises can now be assured that their NonStop systems will play well with all other systems and platforms deployed across the enterprise.” This is key for NonStop users, as the prospect of remaining an island of technology no longer is tolerated by enterprise executives.

“From our perspective within the NonStop team, we see this as a classic win-win situation,” said NonStop product manager, Roland Lemoine. “It hasn’t escaped our attention that even with the industry’s premier SQL offering in NonStop SQL/MX, it is all about the data and to contribute value it needs to be externalized and moved to where it provides the most value.” NonStop development has proved its capabilities for more than four decades but even so, tapping the skillsets of specialized and highly focused vendors like Striim can only improve the value of NonStop and lead to even more business requirements being met by solutions running on NonStop.

Attendees at this year’s HPE Discover 2022 will have been able to see live demonstrations of Striim partnering with the NonStop team. “Unlock the Data Value of Your Operational Systems Using Striim,” provided the HPE community with just how important this partnership between Striim and the NonStop team is becoming. This will not be the only time this partnership will be on display as attendees at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2022 (NonStopTBC22) that will be held later in the year will be able to get even greater exposure to Striim as Striim will have a presence at the event. Look for an opportunity to see Striim in action and if as yet you are undecided about attending then perhaps knowing of this commitment from Striim may lead to a change of your mind.

Lighthouse keepers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering the value of integration and yet, even as their role is to shine a light for all to see, so it is with partnerships. Amplifying as they do messages that otherwise may be local in nature, they can beam these messages into a much larger audience. Striim is one solution that every NonStop user should be aware of and together with HPE, there is little chance of the Striim message going unnoticed. Should you have any questions about the Striim’s support of HPE NonStop systems, don’t hesitate to reach out to either the Striim team or your local NonStop sales and solutions architects. Each of us would be only too happy to hear from you, anytime on any matter related to data and to improving the ability for NonStop to better integrate with today’s world of hybrid IT.

Edward Trainor
Sr Director of Global Alliances, Striim Inc.