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NTI Apr 21

Whether your passion is golf, fishing, hunting or even racing cars the fundamentals underpinning of the passion are the same. Before entering any competitive situation you look for performance that will help you to achieve your goals. Of paramount importance is the potential to achieve an edge over any competitor, be that a small white ball, a trout avoiding a hook or a car that is better set up for the conditions. Having those “unfair advantages” observers oftentimes reference is what passionate people seek.

When it comes to technology there are so many options that staying abreast of the technology is fraught with danger. No enterprise wants to be left behind with orphaned solutions that are no longer mainstream. As open software has blossomed so too have distributions and picking the wrong distribution is as bad as not opting to leverage open source to the benefit of the enterprise. Being risk averse has dominated many conversations between enterprises and their cadre of partners but doing nothing is not an option.

Performance of software destined for deployment on NonStop systems breaks down into three categories: performance of the product itself, performance of support and value / price performance. There isn’t an enterprise to be referenced that is proud that the solution that supports their business is no longer mainstream, no longer supported and yes, is slow to respond to change even as it is slow to respond to user interactions. Performance of solutions including middleware, tools and utilities remains uttermost in the minds of all IT professionals.

The DRNet® product suite from NTI delivers on all three counts. With a long history of delivering exactly what enterprises need, even as these needs continue to evolve, is a testament to just how well and how often NTI listens and then meets all of its users’ requirements. When it comes to data and the replication of data, NTI is the NonStop communities’ pioneer in the methodology it embraces – Change Data Capture (CDC). When it comes to performance then NTI delivers and wherever NonStop is deployed, there is a strong chance you will find the DRNet® product suite meeting business continuity needs.

“Leading edge Banks and Processors in the payments and infrastructure marketplace have invested in, and are reliant upon, NonStop systems to grow their brand and avoid attrition to eager competitors. These risk-averse businesses prefer to rely upon proven providers offering comprehensive replication eco-systems capable of moving valuable transaction data born on NonStop to endless consumers, internal and external,” said Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales. “In this day and age, IT departments are tasked with reducing the number of technology vendors providing bits and pieces of NonStop technology and companies such as NTI are welcomed as a consolidated multi-solution provider serving the enterprise.”

Product performance is measured in many ways. However, the overriding performance characteristics most NonStop customers look for is the lightweight presence of the solution on a NonStop system together with the fastest way to interact with other systems. When it comes to data replication in support of business continuity, performance is measured in terms of data sources and target systems. “NTI offers a triad of advantages over the competition – namely, lowest total cost of ownership for a single-vendor, TMF-protected and non-TMF protected integrated replication and integration solution featuring direct support,” said Dunne.

Product performance, together with superior support, along with value pricing is at the core of an unfair advantage NTI delivers for all NonStop customers. Having access to the support organization is critical today as for many vendors, big and small, there are often multiple layers of personnel involved before it is possible to converse with those who really know the product. As Dunne noted in recent correspondence with prospects, “A typical IT department may have as many as 40 solution providers, some of whom provide pieces of the technology puzzle versus a singular, integrated, flexible solution as is the DRNet® product suite from NTI,” said Dunne.

“And in some instances, when it comes to first-level support, those vendors are represented by another entity serving as their designated interface for support.  Unlike other vendors in the business continuity marketplace, who essentially outsource first-level support, as an NTI customer you do not suffer from intermediaries and finger-pointing.  NTI offers direct support – as an NTI customer, have a question or an issue, call NTI and speak directly with an Engineer.” Support performance is as important as product performance and is overlooked when evaluating solutions but in so doing, enterprises can leave themselves exposed to outages and lost business opportunities.

That new set of golf clubs may be exactly what you need to improve your game. That fishing rod or set of tires equally become important to achieving better results. That issue about having an unfair advantage will never go away so it is best to embrace the changes that just keep on coming. No sportsman wants to pay too much just as none of them are looking to take a step backwards to become uncompetitive, no matter the story being told. And this is the same in business as enterprises look to improve their own business performance and become even more competitive in their market segment.

There are multiple criteria for selecting a solution that enter the discussion whenever enterprises take important steps related to their IT. Perhaps there is none more important than choosing the right business continuity solution. NonStop systems are fault tolerant but no NonStop data center is disaster tolerant. Steps have to be taken to ensure NonStop systems can deliver the total uptime the enterprise requires. When it comes to the most important selection criteria for business continuity solutions, are you making sure the product truly performs and that the support is always at hand? Are you seeking the best value performance possible?

If so then you really need to discount much of what may be championed by others and turn to NTI for their DRNet® product suite – so many other enterprises have already made that choice and you might be surprised about who they are. Give us a call or email us directly and we will be happy to share with you more about the DRNet® product suite. Call the number below or email us at any time at

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