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Performance Testing: Why You Need MORE Stress in Your Life

By Steve Gilde Paragon Director of Market Engagement

Paragon Application Systems


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It has often been said that complexity is the bane of existence. Many people wonder if the rapid advance of technology is a good thing. It is quite easy to argue that such rapid progress has added both complexity and increased levels of stress to our lives. And yet, in our latest post to the Paragon Edge blog, Performance Testing: Why you need MORE stress in your life, we lead with the suggestion that yes, MORE stress in our lives may prove valuable!

For context, this is simply a reference to performance testing. And by way of introduction, we begin with references to our daily lives – which have diverged significantly from what we had come to expect only a year or so ago, as we deal with COVID-19, hurricanes, wildfires, drought, floods, and of course, politics, that have all combined to make everyday life very complicated.

It was a recent article in the NY Times that led us into a discussion as to our need for more stress when it offered some interesting insight on how to use stress as a tool to help  feel better and improve your outlook on life even, when it seems as if you will be overwhelmed by chaos:

Reduce the negative impact of stress, by –

Acknowledging Your Stress

Owning Your Stress

Using Your Stress

Before you stop reading here  and in case you begin to wonder about the relevance of this to the mission critical applications that we run, it’s worth remembering that as an industry, electronic payments have gone through tremendous change over the past fifty years. While I can’t offer much in the way of additional advice and guidance on how to keep your own personal sanity intact until our lives returns to some level of normality, I can draw some interesting parallels on the importance of managing stress in the payments industry.

In this post of October 21, 2020, you will read of how acknowledging your stress is all about ensuring a transaction continues to completion no matter what; owning your stress, in these times of social media, may mean getting ahead of the curve when something does go awry whereas using your stress simply means ensuring your automated testing covers more than simple stress testing. Using  our Web FASTest solution to pre-stress your applications and systems in a controlled environment, you can be minimize your personal stress, while at the same time ensuring the best user experience for your consumers and protecting your company brand.

To read the complete post and to learn more of why you can turn any recognized stress situations to good purpose, just follow the hyperlink (above) or simply cut and paste the following URL into your browser –

To read additional posts on automated testing and continuous delivery, turn to the Paragon Edge Blog at –