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Please Attend HPE Shadowbase Presentations and Compare Demo at the NonStop TBC




Gravic Aug 21 - 2

If you are participating in the HPE NonStop TBC event in October, we hope that you will visit our virtual booth and attend one of our presentations, demo, or panel discussion. We look forward to discussing with you how the HPE Shadowbase product suite can provide solutions to your most pressing business issues for business continuity, data integration and synchronization, and application integration.


Please attend Business Continuity Product Update and HPE Shadowbase Product News and learn about recent HPE Shadowbase releases and new features to solve various enterprise challenges:


Our second presentation is on New Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Systems. The three pillars of mission critical computing are Reliability, Availability, and Scalability – “RAS” for short. Reliability encompasses data integrity, but receives much less attention in the industry than Availability or Scalability. However, it is just as important. Data integrity is a critical customer and regulatory concern, and is adversely affected by software bugs, hardware errors, malware, and many other common problems. We briefly review the three pillars, focusing on innovative new HPE NonStop Server architectures and technologies that maximize Reliability and data integrity, in addition to Availability and Scalability. We also review a case study on preventing election hacking with NonStop Servers that illustrates this new technology. We will also be participating in the Business Continuity Panel Discussion.

Gravic May 21 -1

We will present a demo of HPE Shadowbase Data Validation product suite featuring the HPE Shadowbase Compare software, one of our hottest products, and is the number one data validation product in the NonStop space! It is an essential component of every NonStop business continuity environment, regardless of the data replication product in use. Almost all HPE Shadowbase business continuity solution sales include the HPE Shadowbase data validation software – it is simply that important. Ensuring that a target database matches its source is necessary for mission critical applications that must provide 24×7 continuous operations. Failing over to a backup database that is out of sync is simply unacceptable! HPE Shadowbase Compare proves data integrity to key stakeholders and your auditors that the environment works, is implemented correctly and completely, helps satisfy regulatory requirements, and ensures that the target environment is ready to take over at any time.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:

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