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Please Enjoy Gravic’s Two New Videos on HPE Shadowbase!




Shadowbase Overview Video

We hope that you find this video interesting and informative. Please share it with your colleagues! This video is also available with Korean and Chinese Simplified subtitles, with additional translations in the future.


Paul J. Holenstein Award Interview

Paul Holenstein, Gravic EVP, was interviewed at HPE Discover on Gravic winning the HPE Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2019 Award.


HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at HPE NonStop Innovation Summit (KNUG)
and HPE NonStop & MCS / Technology Day (TNUG)

Gravic aug 19

Last month, Paul Holenstein (EVP) and Paden Holenstein (Marketing) attended the HPE NonStop Innovation Summit 2019 in Seoul and the HPE NonStop & MCS Technology Day in Taipei. They flew into Incheon International airport, took a shuttle to the Conrad Seoul, arriving late at night. They enjoyed a smorgasbord of food at the hotel breakfast buffet and met with some of the other vendors enjoying the fare. At the customer event, they listened to various talks by HPE employees: HPE IT Use of NonStop by Franz Koenig, HPE NonStop APAC Business Update by Gelin Cheng, NonStop Portfolio & Software Update by Anthony Ho, and Japan Database & Stratus Migration Best Practices by Satoko Hirano. Tuesday night, Gelin took Paul and Paden along with the other vendors on a river walk along the Han river in downtown Seoul, where they unwound and gained insight into each other’s lives.

On Wednesday, they drank some delicious iced black bubble tea in the Incheon airport, then flew to Taipei, and immediately noticed an increase in temperature and humidity upon disembarking. Later that evening, they toured Jiufen and enjoyed the breathtaking views, sampled hot tea in a local tea shop courtesy of our HPE Japan colleagues, and subsequently made a few purchases from street vendors. On Friday, they listened to various talks by HPE, including Modernization of Mission Critical Systems by Franz Koenig, The Constant Innovation of Mission Critical Solutions by Suresh Menon, and Memory-Driven Computing: Taking the Machine from Hewlett Packard Labs to the Enterprise by Jason Shao. At both of these events, they presented HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Use Case Solutions & Product Update.


The Role of HPE Shadowbase Replication Solutions in Public, Private, and Hybrid-Cloud Computing for Critical Applications

Companies are moving more and more IT services and utility applications to public clouds to take advantage of the economy and flexibility of cloud computing. There are no initial expenditures to purchase equipment, data center space, and staff. A company must only cover the costs of the computation and storage (and in most cases communications) resources that it uses. However, there remains a reluctance to move critical applications to the public cloud and for good reason. Notable instances of public cloud failures (service outages) and data loss have been reported, and security is a concern because the organization has lost direct control over its environment.

There is motivation, though, to find a way for critical applications to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. A hybrid approach that assigns critical processing to highly available private critical systems such as HPE NonStop servers (among others) and noncritical processing to the public cloud is a concept that is gaining momentum. The HPE Shadowbase data replication engine plays an important role in this approach by providing the glue that binds virtual machines running in the public cloud to highly available private servers handling the critical roles.

There are many Shadowbase-supported architectures that allow critical systems to take advantage of cloud computing by offloading noncritical functions to the cloud infrastructure. These include:

In this white paper, HPE Shadowbase Solutions for the Cloud, we discuss the role that HPE Shadowbase replication solutions can play in public, private, and hybrid-cloud computing for critical applications and how it can lower your IT costs, improve fault tolerance of your applications, and increase flexibility.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise directly sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website.