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Prognosis addresses a changing NonStop landscape

Prognosis is validated for NonStop X but that’s just the start; vNonStop is coming!



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January was an important time for IR. We held our semi-annual company kick-off events and here in the U.S. it pulled a big crowd from across the many sales groups within IR. Prognosis has come a long way in a relative short time and how many members of the NonStop community are aware of how well our Unified Communications group is performing with a variant of Prognosis tailored for the monitoring of Microsoft’s Skype for Business? An extension of work done in support of VoIP telephony, we are already seeing broad acceptance by those looking to better monitor Skype for Business – and yes, it’s anchored on the same Prognosis that should be familiar to everyone in the NonStop community.

Having said this, it is still the NonStop community that remains important to IR and is a major contributor to our business – IR was founded on providing superior application monitoring and management to the NonStop community and its commitment to NonStop remains strong. This is particularly important as we witness so much change occurring within HPE. New NonStop X systems along with the promise of vNonStop to come – Prognosis is already validated for use with NonStop X but when it comes to vNonStop we anticipate that the NonStop community will be looking for even more. We are actively looking into what additional value Prognosis can provide to those NonStop users planning to run NonStop in virtual machines.

To this end, we have just announced the second IR summit following a very successful event held last year in nearby Broomfield. This year, the two to three day technical conference will be held closer to our offices in the Denver Tech Center, at the Inverness Hotel and Spa. “With 37 unique sessions, including an entire new day of high-touch Lab sessions that will allow Prognosis users to go deep with onsite Prognosis experts, there’s more reason than ever to attend IR Prognosis Summit.” For more information, check out our web page and we encourage everyone in the NonStop community to join us for this summit:

When it comes to Prognosis monitoring your infrastructure and payments solutions on NonStop systems, you may find the most recent webinar on the subject of value. “Similar to a cockpit in an airplane, your merchant business has a wealth of untapped information that is indicative of the health of your payments processing environment. Figuring out what to key on is a different story.” If you would like to check out what was covered by co-presenters Jim Knudsen and Kevin Johnson, then visit our web page: Top 10 Technology Alerts/Insights for All Merchants and Financial Institutions

When it comes to upcoming RUG events do expect to see us at SunTUG as well as the eBITUG. As these events take place after the HPE 2017 NonStop Partner Symposium which we will be attending, we are sure that there will be plenty that will be of interest to everyone in the NonStop community so make sure you ask us about what this means for Prognosis. Support for NonStop X as well as vNonStop will certainly grab a lot more attention of all event participants so there will be plenty to discuss. Hope to see as many of you at these events as we will welcome every opportunity to discuss the future of Prognosis in this ever changing world of NonStop.

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