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Prognosis: Focus on insight drives new payments analytics solutions based on next generation Prognosis platform.



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IR - JUL 2020 -1

At this year’s HPE Discover Virtual Experience, HPE CEO Antonio Neri emphasized HPE’s belief that as an industry, we are entering the age of insight. This is making the next phase of digital transformation a reality. According to Neri,

“We are awash in data, and lacking connectivity and insight. I believe we are nearing the end of the information era, which focused on generating and collecting massive amounts of data, data that could not be brought together to create timely insights and actions to change our future.

“The next decade will be about insights and discoveries that are shared and elevate the greater wellbeing of every human being on this planet. Today we are entering the age of insight.”

IR has tracked the need for greater insight into business and operational performance and this has been the focus of Prognosis for some time. Knowledge of an outage needing action is one thing but becoming aware of a potential outage and addressing it in a timely manner is something altogether different. Icons turning red on a dashboard may be missed but having actionable insights ahead of time is what is needed in this complex hybrid world where we operate.

There have been a number of blog posts along with news releases where IR too has provided similar emphasis on insights as has HPE’s Neri and for good reason. NonStop users, particularly those running payments solutions, understand that automating recovery while providing intelligence on changing end user behavior is of paramount importance. Business cannot remain competitive if it is blinded to what is taking place this very instance. In the news release, When time is money, every second counts: Accelerate Data to Actionable Insight with Payments Analytics, Kevin Ryder, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, IR, states:

“In the modern payments world, consumer expectations are high. Retailers, merchants, and processors have to navigate complexity to achieve success and deliver an elevated end-customer experience. Payments Analytics helps simplify that complexity, by offering a level of insight not seen before.”

In launching its new Payments Analytics – a cloud based payments assurance solutions – IR highlights Prognosis’s ability to enable retailers, merchants, and payment processors to uncover actionable insights and intelligence in real time.

“The power lies in the next-generation Prognosis cloud platform, providing the capability to process and analyze data from thousands of transactions in seconds.”

IR - JUL 2020 - 2

If you missed reading this news release, just follow the hyperlink included above or simply cut and past the following url into your browser –

The arrival of the next generation Prognosis platform was a reference to another news release released only days before, Data at the speed of light: IR’s next generation cloud platform is here. In this news release, CEO and Managing Director, John Ruthven, said:

 “This is a pivotal moment in our company history. This new platform enables an immensely powerful level of intelligence. For our customers, they’ll be able to realize the potential of our solutions with greater ease and speed. And for the company it allows us to grow our share of markets we currently operate in and expand into new markets more quickly.”

Among the new platform innovations is the new Intelligent Edge, the next evolution of the IR data collection and management technology that enables rapid remote deployment, configuration, and management of new intelligent agents for data collection and remote execution; a completely new way to collect and analyze performance data, in real-time, from mission critical systems.

Intelligent Edge, intelligent agents and remote execution are all key components necessary in the oversight of today’s rapidly developing edge to core deployments appearing in today’s modern enterprises. IT is expanding its reach to where data is created and where transactions are initiated. In so doing, it’s a necessary step to take before actionable insights on behalf of the business can be taken.

“This cloud platform and hybrid architecture enables powerful new Prognosis cloud services to work seamlessly with Prognosis software. This facilitates the delivery of more comprehensive real-time insights and analytics from the vast amounts of data collected by mission critical systems every day.” 

 IR - JUL 2020 - 3

Should you not have read this news release then follow the hyperlink included above or simply cut and past the following url into your browser –

The importance of having greater insight into the business and then ensuring such insight can be actioned upon, cannot be understated. From major vendors to those providing monitoring and management solutions, it has become very clear that it’s no longer sufficient to just display data. “We are awash in data, and lacking connectivity and insight,” but with Prognosis and its next generation Prognosis platform, this insight is now readily at hand. Prognosis now “facilitates the delivery of more comprehensive real-time insights and analytics from the vast amounts of data.”

If you would like to know more about this new Prognosis platform, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local IR contact; they would be only too happy to hear from you.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring