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IR OCT 19 - 1

The month kicked off with a couple of well-attended NonStop Regional User Group (RUG) meetings. IR has been a longtime supporter of these RUG events and through the years they have proved an inexpensive and easy way to network with customers and prospects alike. ATUG, Atlanta, was the first RUG of the meetings held in September that the IR team attended with Kevin Boham and Jack van Meel carrying the torch – Jack provided the presentation and together Jack and Kevin manned the booth.

As for the second RUG it was CTUG held in Mississauga, Ontario, where Jack alone represented IR. “The most exciting thing was to hear a couple of session with Franz Koenig from HPE Austria,” said van Meel. “Franz has been at HPE’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) labs for some time now and this is where the NonStop team runs most customers benchmarks.  His outlook on all things NonStop related was very inspiring.” Perhaps, when the 2020 Partner Symposium comes around, the NonStop team keeps open a session for Franz as he gave us all a really good sense as to where NonStop development is heading.

IR OCT 19 - 2

What we took away from these two events was that NonStop systems continued to attract investment by HPE and that NonStop continues to be relevant in today’s mission critical world. The customers we talked to were enthusiastic about the new NonStop X systems and by all accounts, as given by HPE management, or 2019 sales were continuing to maintain the momentum that became clear during the last quarter of the last financial year.

However, it is two upcoming events that are attracting most of our attention here at IR, with the first being our IR Summit, Denver October 15 – 17, 2019. For everyone at IR, the Summit is IR’s official Prognosis users’ conference. “The community of Prognosis experts will be on hand to share best practices, hands-on training, new innovations, technical labs, a hackathon, and a lot more,” is perhaps the best description of what our community can expect to see at this year’s event. Following Denver, additional IR Summits will be held in Sydney (November 13), Frankfurt (Nov 16) and London (Nov 28). Check our web site for more information –

Over the years that the IR Summit has been held there has been a good mix of participants using Prognosis deployed in support of NonStop, Payments, and Unified Communications with each market leveraging the benefits of Prognosis differently, although, being able to monitor everything from a single pane of glass remains a real benefit for all users. Coming soon though will be even more options for running Prognosis that will likely lead to even more markets being addressed by Prognosis. But having said that, it’s not just the IR Summit attracting the attention of the IR NonStop and Payments teams as November will also be the time when the HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) takes place in Burlingame, California.

TBC will be held November 3 – 7, 2019, and traditionally, this is the event of the year for the entire NonStop community. It is the venue at which the NonStop team lays out the product roadmaps for the next year, plus. At this year’s event your IR team will include Kevin Boham, Jim Bowers, Jack van Meel and Garrett Tate. While you will always be able to find one or more of us in the Partner Pavilion, we are looking forward to spending more time with you looking to find out more about Prognosis and with the venue at the Hyatt Regency providing many quiet corners we entreat you to come visit us and let us know about all your management and monitoring needs as NonStop X and even virtualized NonStop capture more of the attention of the NonStop user community.

There have been a number of organizational changes that have taken place since we last attended TBC. Most important of all is the arrival of John Ruthven, our new CEO and Managing Director. John has over 20 years’ experience working in the technology industry and is a true international having extensive experience in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. Another significant addition to the IR management team strikes closer to home as IR welcomes Dave Siebert as Senior Vice President – Americas. Dave will be reporting to our almost new Chief Commercial Officer, Matt Glasner. These changes represent continued investment in the IR leadership team and when it comes to Siebert’s appointment, Glasner posted of how, “Dave has strong leadership experience and his commitment to fostering a customer centric culture will be a significant advantage in furthering IR’s success in the Americas. I am thrilled to welcome someone of Dave’s caliber to the IR team.”

Given that there will be plenty of opportunities in the coming month to catch up with the IR team, we truly look forward to seeing as many of you as we can. Prognosis continues its leadership role in management and monitoring of your mission critical applications and there is more to come! However, should you want to know more about what we are providing today don’t hesitate to reach out to your local IR contact; they will be only too happy to hear from you.

Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring