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Prognosis: New product releases and more industry webinars!



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ir june 2020 - 1

Staying in touch with IR’s ongoing investments in support of payments solutions? Keeping abreast of what is new with Prognosis support of NonStop? There are many stories on the web describing the impact the global pandemic has had on industry, social distancing and working remotely are among the most widely covered topics. For IR, our support of remote workers remains in place even as we added infrastructure to better support development, support and service, marketing and sales and finance.

All of which is to say that despite the spread of COVID-19 IR has continued to enhance Prognosis and just a short time ago announced availability of Prognosis 11.8 – an update for Payments and Infrastructure markets. What is significant with this release is that enhancements have been made to both the experience and usability of Prognosis that can best be described as follows:

Improved management and performance

Enhanced Web UI performance, delivering a significant reduction in CPU and memory utilization in large scale deployments, as well as faster overall response.

Additional user-defined data fields for payments, increased to 60 definable fields, to allow for more flexible extension of monitoring functionality in between Prognosis releases and changing monitoring requirements.

To read more about this release, just follow this url –

IR has enjoyed partnerships with major solutions providers across a number of markets including such big names as Microsoft and, for the NonStop community and closer to home, ACI Worldwide. Prognosis 11.8 follows the January 2020 General Availability of  Prognosis 11.7 where expanded support for ACI and NonStop together with even more enhancements to management capabilities as follows:

Expanded Platform Support for ACI

The Prognosis 11.7 release includes expanded support for new platform versions from ACI and NonStop, specifically:

ACI Postilion 5.6


NonStop L19.03

NonStop X NS3 Generation Systems

VMWare vCenter 6.7

Multi-MQ Instance Support on NonStop

Prognosis 11.7 also enables monitoring of multiple MQ instances running on a single server and leveraging MQ 8.x, to help you better manage workloads and improve monitoring capabilities.

To read more about this release, just follow this url –

It is significant for the NonStop community to know that enhancements to both payments solutions and the underlying infrastructure that includes NonStop continue to be the subject of considerable investment by IR. If you have missed reading about release updates to Prognosis then make sure you bookmark these urls and return to them on a regular basis. Coming soon is even bigger news and this will certainly generate further interest in Prognosis among NonStop users.

ir june 2020 - 2


Running almost in parallel to this ongoing program of enhancements for Prognosis, IR has been conducting webinars on a regular basis. If your interests include payments and infrastructure with particular interest in the new NonStop X then when next you return to the IR web site, make sure you replay the recent webinar  in the series:

Payments Clarity and Certainty in Times of Crisis.

And in case you missed our promotion of the very latest webinar that was delivered just a matter of days ago, then replay this webinar for a discussion centered on adapting, innovating and optimizing (the underlying technology) to better address changing consumer demands:

Payments Industry: Managing Through and Beyond the Changing Times

Should you be working remotely from your home office please consider following IR on LinkedIn and Twitter. Our twitter handle is @IRPrognosis while on LinkedIn you can join 18,000 plus followers of IR when visiting our company page at –

Should you be unaware of all the features integral to Prognosis support of Payments as well as NonStop systems, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local IR contact; they would be only too happy to hear from you.


Kevin Johnson,
VP Sales – Payments Performance Monitoring