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Pyalla Technologies … let’s talk about NonStop customers

And the investment HPE has made in vNS!

Pyalla Technologies



As I contemplated writing this month’s article I was reminded of the story I just posted to our social blog, Buckle-Up. The focus of that post was the preparation that was going into getting our track-focused sports car ready for yet one more season of on-track shenanigans as we continue to convince ourselves that yes, we can still drive fast and yes, it is a good way to entertain invited guests. Oftentimes we suggest these guests come for a ride along with us and when given the choice of an outing with Margo or me, most times they opt for Margo. How little do they know, as on some tracks, Margo is quicker than I am and watching our guests step from the Corvette following a spirited outing with Margo is always an exercise in constraint on my side as I see the look on their faces!

If you missed reading this February 24, 2018, post to Buckle-Up, you can check it out by following this link to the story, The “lady” has new shoes … What this story reminded me of was not so much the fun times circulating road courses can be, but that going fast has been a reoccurring theme of recent posts and commentaries. In an upcoming feature for The Connection, I wrote about changes taking place in Formula 1 racing as it pertains to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics. Yes, as fast as these cars can travel it’s still no match for just how fast data flows from the car to those charged with ensuring it is all functioning properly.

“Getting through the mountains of data generated in Formula 1 can be a ‘needle in a haystack’ process for teams searching for performance. There’s technology on the way that could make a huge difference … in a sporting series as technologically cutting-edge as Formula 1, data has become king.” Or, so remarked a blogger in a post of February 19, 2018, to – a natural lead in for a feature article on big data and data analytics! As for the heading of the post, the blogger gave away the plot pretty quickly, Why Artificial Intelligence could be F1’s next big thing so be on the watch for the March – April, 2018, issue of The Connection to read the full story on Formula 1 and data analytics.

Capable of speeds beyond the car we take to road courses and even faster too than Formula 1 racecars are the modern fighter planes that are constantly training high above California’s Mojave Desert. You will come across references to F35 and F22 fighters training with much older F16 fighters in the feature from DataExpress included here, in this March issue of NonStop Insider. In turn it references a post to its NEWS BLOG of February 26, 2018, UP IN THE AIR ABOUT YOUR NEED TO MOVE FILES? DATAEXPRESS CAN FEED FILES TO SYSTEMS OLD AND NEW! “Warplanes that cost billions to develop aren’t worth a dime if they can’t communicate with each other … modern planes, like the F-35 and F-22 are essentially flying computers, but they have to share data, like battle plans and enemy coordinates, seamlessly with older jets, like the F-16.” The tie-in with sports cars and race cars seemed pretty obvious, the more so with the reference to communications and shared data.

HPE is coming off a very successful completion of Q1, 2018, and the financial analysts who follow HPE were surprised with the outcome and have gone on to extol the virtues of the new HPE under CEO, Antonio Neri. Given that the strategy of HPE is now clear with the way HPE has established its organization and with the messages it is communicating – transform to hybrid IT and empower the Edge / IoT HPE is now doing a much better job in translating these oft-repeated messages with real examples, with perhaps the best example of all coming when it sent a commercially available, off-the-shelf (COTS) high performance server into space.

All those attending HPE Discover, Madrid, had the opportunity to walk inside one of the capsules that was a peer of the ones already in space and no question about it, putting a standard server within the confines of the capsule was really going to be a test of quality of build and reliability of components. Now six months later, HPE issued the press release on February 20, 2018, Ho, Hum. Just another day in space with HPE’s Spaceborne Computer telling us all that,  “March 14 – Pi Day, a true scientist’s holiday – will mark six months since the system was installed by ISS astronauts and powered on.”

In this press release HPE made it pretty clear that even at the as R. Mark Fernandez, Americas HPE Technology Officer at HPE, posted, “that’s vitally important, because our mission is to operate seamlessly in the harsh conditions of space for one year – which is roughly the amount of time it will take to travel to Mars … a sophisticated onboard computing system capable of extended periods of uptime will be an essential component for any super-long space missions.” Exciting time for HPE all around and all evidence of executing well on its strategy even as it reinforces just how committed HPE is to industry-standards and open computing all best illustrated with the numerous references it makes to COTS.

And yes, with virtualized NonStop (vNS), there is a place for NonStop on COTS hardware – it was back at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, where we first saw demos of vNS in the telco marketplace and that was two years ago, almost to the day. NonStop has truly become a software offering – a very powerful offering complete with the traditional NonStop stack that includes numerous middleware components including NonStop SQL/MX. And who will be enticed to use this variant of NonStop? Everyone committed to x86 servers and embracing software defined everything will be viewing virtualized NonStop workloads as just another workload to be provisioned to meet the needs of transactions of the moment.

Simply put, with the investment made in NonStop and the transformation it has undertaken there is no way HPE was ever going to consider NonStop as being non-core and for a very good reason – the customers! Formula 1 cars; F35 fighter planes; the International Space Station – yes they are all travelling fast and they all generating enormous amounts of data and yes, we can talk about NonStop in the same breath. Wonderful, and like many members of the NonStop community I am in awe of what was involved in transforming NonStop in this manner and I can only foresee good things happening around NonStop in the coming year.

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC