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I finished last month’s article with an update about my planned trip to Southern California. At that time I wrote of how I longed to simply get out of my home office, hit the road and to catch up with business colleagues and friends. Margo and I now back in our office and already it seems so long ago that we were stopping to pump gas, grab a bit from a fast-food chain and in general, take time to revisit old haunts. To us it seemed the further west we went, the more the effects of the global pandemic could be observed so yes, we are now safely ensconced back in our home offices, no worse for wear.

While we didn’t accomplish all we set out to do, being able to converse with folks face-to-face was something we hadn’t done since we came back of the road the first week of March. A record of sorts for both of us and yet a reminder that nothing can be taken for granted in times like these. Even so, we were able to observe much that had changed and of how it was affecting the operations of many NonStop users. Take for instance the re-emergence of the QR codes together with early attempts to pay-at-the-pump from your mobile phone. Transactions were arriving on NonStop from sources we hadn’t expected to see and yet, the NonStop solutions involved seemed to have handled it all with aplomb!

Perhaps even more telling was the number of conversations we had around cloud computing. It seems that even to the least computer literate of our acquaintances, knowledge about clouds was having an impact. Perhaps it could be the result of Apple and the iCloud? On the other hand, perhaps it has more to do with the constant barrage of security horror stories that all seem to feature the cloud. Whatever was the source generating the knowledge, clouds and the cloud experience were never far from any conversation we had. Among the more knowledgeable HPE acquaintances there were many conversations focused on GreenLake and Margo and I have to admit, many of these conversations had us googling HPE for updates.

Those in IT certainly have become familiar with clouds and, with familiarity, comes a heightened expectation that everything they can do in the cloud should be doable within the data center. When it comes to GreenLake, it’s making moves to accelerate the creation of such an experience even, as for now, it’s all about providing multiple options as to how best to purchase products and services from HPE. Becoming familiar with models based on consumption pricing is just the beginning that in time will surely embrace NonStop. In so doing, it moves the needle for NonStop across to where it’s holding greater potential for broader deployment than possibly any other time in its four plus decades of existence.

With the NonStop All Digital Experience (ADE) now only a matter of days away, it will be very telling to see exactly what the HPE NonStop team delivers in terms of support for GreenLake. I am anticipating nothing more than baby steps at this time, but more importantly, Margo and I expect to see some milestones appearing on the software product roadmaps. Only then can we begin to take a more serious deep dive into the potential benefits of having NonStop presence within the GreenLake program. Yes, you can include NonStop today in your GreenLake agreements but paying 100% for NonStop regardless of your use of it is only the beginning. All the same, it would be encouraging to hear that even for NonStop, GreenLake will bring the cloud experience to us!

If you had been online looking at our NonStop community blog (and even our social blog) you may have been surprised to see a number of changes to the templates we use. We have now settled on a new look so as you check out the links below, don’t be shy in letting us know if you like them or would prefer the previous settings. It’s such a subjective topic but again, we hope you will like the new formats. As for the posts that have been published during October, just follow the links below.


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The NonStop All Digital Experience:

Talk 1:  TBC20-040 The ABCs of NonStop TCO” Sponsored by HPE.

Scheduled for: US TRACK 2 – Wed – 11/18 @7:30am – Pacific Time

Talk 2: TBC20-067 “From replication to distribution, integration and transformation, NTI is putting data first” Sponsored by NTI.

Scheduled for: Vendor Theater:  US TRACK 2 – Monday 11/16 @ 12:00 noon – Pacific Time.


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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC