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Pyalla Dec 2020

So, what did you think of this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) that was held as a virtual event? I have to assume you have an opinion if you have participated. Everyone participated, apparently. Have you ever come across a virtual meeting that in the days before it started threw up a banner declaring the event had Sold Out? The event was capped at 2,000 registrations and once that number had been reached, a waiting list was started. Again, who could have imagined this happening for a NonStop event?

I remember walking out onto the stage as the Summit chair of the 2000 NonStop Summit held in San Jose for the first time. Back then we tracked attendee days so it’s hard to make apples to apples comparison but that first time, seeing an auditorium full of attendees, I have to admit there was a degree of nervousness in my voice as I opened the Summit but I am not sure our numbers ever rose to 2,000! I could be wrong, but I think across the three and a half days the Summit ran, it was more like four to five thousand in total. I am only referencing this as reaching out to the NonStop community via electronic means and then seeing 2,000 registered participants is newsworthy in and of itself.

This year I had the opportunity to present on two occasions – one presentation was on behalf of the NonStop partner, NTI whereas the second presentation was on behalf of the HPE NonStop team. This second presentation was on the topic, “The ABCs of NonStop TCO” that pulled its data from the Research Note first published here in the August issue of NonStop Insider – The ABC’s of an Affordable Business Critical Compute. Whether it was presenting on the topic of replicating data or about the value that comes with deploying an industry leading database management system, data attracted much of the spotlight at this year’s event.

There is no question whatsoever about the significance of the role NonStop plays in creating data that is fresh and of great importance to the rest of the business. Decisions need to be made in a timely fashion but without fresh data, as it’s being created, business opportunities can be missed. This has become a major theme of the work that Pyalla Technologies, LLC has been doing this month as recognition takes place among our clients that they are in the business of data.

Supporting the backup of data, the replication and integration of data, the display and analysis of data and the demand for services to better leverage data have become important ingredients of clients messaging. Even the branding of products and services is being influenced by this focus on data and I expect to see even greater attention being given to data in the months ahead. The key attributes of availability together with scalability further ensure the spotlight is directed at NonStop as it remains the premier platform for all situations where the flow of incoming data cannot afford to be disrupted for any reason.

Documenting as much as possible all that transpired at this event kept Margo and me occupied long into the evening. This year we decided to write a new blog post each day the week before the event began and to finish with another post just as the event wrapped up. Bookending this sequence was an earlier post in the month promoting the event with an additional post appearing just as we headed into the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend. This is more than you usually find published by us in any given month, but rather than scattering commentaries across multiple social media outlets, this seemed the best way to record what was expected of the event, what was covered during the event and then a reflection of what the event really meant for the NonStop community. As for the November posts themselves you can read them all by simply following the links below:


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The NonStop All Digital Experience:

The ABCs of NonStop TCO” Sponsored by HPE.

From replication to distribution, integration and transformation, NTI is putting data first” Sponsored by NTI.

Now available for viewing whether you attended the event or not: Visit the On-Demand Library now.

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC