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pyalla jan 21 - 1As a partnership, Margo and I felt compelled to kick off this first article of 2021 with the above card. If you follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that we boldly promoted our Christmas greetings to all but unfortunately, labelled the holiday season as one being held in 2021. But then again, many of you expressed the sentiment that well perhaps celebrating 2021 may just be the best thing to do as so many of us have been adversely affected by what transpired in 2020. Safe to say, the message included in the above card hits closer to home for us.

What drove us to put this card together were two simple observations. The first being just how working remotely has become an integral part of our lives whereas the second is about how we ended up needing separate offices. We will leave it to your imagination to determine which party was the disruptive party when both of us were battling to meet deadlines. Then again, my offices scored the original painting featuring a Tandem cycle that hang in the former offices of Tandem Computers, Germany  (and a gift from incoming ITUG Chairman, Volker Dietz) whereas Margo gave pride of place to a copy of Australian artist Charles Billich’s Angels and Demons of Florence!

Somehow, the juxtaposition of former Tandem glory alongside Renaissance Florence Angels and Demons kind of sums up the year. It also gives us a little bit of confidence that 2021 may be a lot better. So much so that 2021 may not prove to be angelic but in comparison to 2020, it might   foster even more support of Tandem – now NonStop! Without shocking too many members of the NonStop community would you be surprised to read that Pyalla Technologies is bullish about the prospects of NonStop in 2021? Margo and I suspect that the bigger surprise might be in how well NonStop plays with the rest of HPE as this is something every member of the NonStop community has been anticipating occurring since the days when HP and Compaq “merged!”

You might say that it took five HP / HPE CEOs before the dust truly settled – Fiorina, Hurd, Apotheker, Whitman and finally Neri. You might just as easily say that with the split and the creation of HPE, leadership is back in the hands of executives who know something about computers. Not so subtle perhaps, but having met and talked to HPE CEO Antonio Neri, I can assure all those who haven’t had a similar opportunity that he is as focused on solving business problems through technology as I have seen anywhere in the industry. Maybe not as flamboyant as Bezos or Ellison or even Elon Musk, but someone with considerable experience in the all-important vendor – technology – customer relationships that foster continuing investment in technology.

pyalla jan 21 - 2

Throw into this mix the new head of High Performance Computing / Mission Critical Systems (HPC / MCS) former head of Cray, Peter Ungaro, who is enthusiastic about the future of NonStop and you can see why Margo and I can see the future of NonStop growing brighter. As you may know, I am not a big fan of vendors labelling products and services as being strategic – it’s a cliché I think we all should consider putting to bed – even as I acknowledge it’s important to have a vision with the means to execute, but rather I am open to enterprises pointing to the strategies that they are pursuing. A small point perhaps, but the examination of strategic did feature in a number of posts published during December. Looking ahead to 2021, it’s imperative that we, like HPE, come to understand where we as a community are headed. What bright light are we all following?

In simple terms, NonStop remains the light but as to where that light burns brightest will be of interest to every member of the NonStop community. Will it be in an updated converged system such as was announced at this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp? Will it be a brand new approach via software running in virtual machines as was described by other vendors who now have virtual NonStop (vNS) in production? Or will we see the emergence of a completely new stream whereby it’s all about DBaaS with the new Data Base Services offering built around NonStop SQL?

All of this and more featured in our posts of December 2020, and you can read them all by simply following the links below:


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For the NonStop community, so ends a year none of us anticipated.

And one last post published New Year’s Eve December 31, 2020

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December 18, 2020

The world has changed …

And yes, finally, the post with the card that started the conversations referenced in the opening remarks above:

December 24, 2020

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC