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pyalla feb 2021

Welcome to the new look for the Pyalla Technologies, LLC update. As a one-time competitive sailor I am well aware of the constant technology adjustments that occur as nations compete for that auld mug – the Americas Cup. My daughter, Lisa, was born very soon after the technologically advanced Australian cup challenger, Australia II, back in 1983 had taken advantage of its winged keep to beat the US for the first time, well, ever!

However, today’s racing yachts have become such an ungainly sight as they lift themselves completely out of the water and skim along on foils. Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised as with any human endeavor, there is always a desire to push ahead and to achieve what was once thought impossible.

A computer that didn’t fail? A computer that was fault tolerant? A computer that ran 24 x 7 x forever? Not possible, came the refrain from IT professionals and yet here we are with more options than ever before when it comes to deploying NonStop in innovative ways that better meet the ever-changing requirements of business. It is against this background that we too have elected to make changes to the contributions we make to each issue of NonStop Insider. News from Pyalla will continue as will links to the most recent posts and commentaries written by it.

What will be different is that there will be updates similar to what had been provided in the column HPE Corner and, given the changing landscape surrounding events, there will also be coverage provided on what will likely be taking place for RUGs. As for what is topical on social media then, when appropriate, a short update will be included as part of this update from Pyalla.

It is all part of an adjustment being made due to the growing popularity of this digital publication where recently we had more submissions than we could accommodate on a timely basis. It seems prudent therefore to provide more virtual column inches to vendors, consultants, thought-leaders and more as the presence of diverse opinions are healthy for the  growing NonStop community,

This past month hasn’t been without its challenges for Pyalla. As 2020 came to end so did Margo’s mobility – yes, you probably recall her editorial last month where she recalled how she managed to break her leg. It hasn’t brought her activities to a complete halt but it certainly has curtailed her movements away from the office. Even so, as she often reminds me, it was her operational “clutch foot” but fortunately, cars now have double clutch automated manuals so yes, she will be back behind the wheel in no time.

As for her continuing support of NonStop nothing on that front has waned as she remain focused on ensuring NonStop Insider is produced each and every month. Pyalla continues to operate in a pseudo lockdown manner as we, like every business we talk to, continue to look for some form of normalcy in these times.

HPE Corner: The big item here is the work being done on two fronts. We have the GreeenLake initiative where you could consider Showcase as being the precursor (from the NonStop partner perspective). We also have the tremendous effort being put into NS SQL MX DBS (Data Base Services) where the NonStop team is delivering Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS).

Whereas GreenLake is all about providing a new way to pay for NonStop as a contrast, NS SQL MX DBS is all about providing a new way to use NonStop. For as long as I have been associated with NonStop – and yes, it’s now nearing four decades – what brought the biggest smiles to the faces of the NonStop team was finding new solutions, products, features that by themselves would encourage wider adoption of NonStop systems.

NS SQL MX DBS has the potential of taking NonStop into the very heart of IT operations delivering remarkable value for any application running anywhere that leverages JDBC / ODBC calls.

Social Media Update: It doesn’t take too many searches of social media channels before running into pictures of US Senator Bernie Sanders in his now-famous mittens. Even popular HPE evangelists have joined the rush to depict Bernie seated alongside them or their systems. It may just be a case of light-hearted humor but in talking to folks, it seems like it’s the right time for such an intrusion into our daily lives.

It has also been hard to ignore the troubles over at IBM where latest financial results saw a considerable drop in valuation; dropping ten percent after its latest numbers. Social media updates continue to label IBM as legacy, slow moving, out-of-touch and while some of the criticism may be harsh, it will be interesting to see how quickly IBM will follow HPE in moving to be “as-a-Service” provider with a pay-as-you-go financial model.

Compounding this is the news last year that IBM would be spinning off its Managed Infrastructure Services (MIS) business which is part of Global Technology Services (GTS) division into a new publicly traded company (“NewCo”). Details are sketchy but again, are they simply following what HPE did some time back when software and then services were unloaded (MicroFocus and what became DXC Technology)?

Returning to a topic that continues to resonate with us all: Boston Dynamics amazing robots dancing to the tune of Do You Love Me? Now that I can dance! As for that dog well, what can we say! With the SuperBowl only days away, there’s some chatter suggesting that due to the numerous concussions being experienced perhaps the teams’ offensive and defensive lines could be comprised of robots! Possible? More relevant perhaps is AI. As we talk more about the introduction of AI and the potential pitfalls that lie ahead, maybe it will be up to the robots to best exemplify all that is positive about AI.

RUGs: Almost all event plans remain up in the air with doubts about returning to past normalcy continuing to grow. Keep checking HPE and Connect web sites for more information as it is bound to change as organizers become more aware of what might be possible in 2021.


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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC