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Pyalla mar 21

Liked the new look of the Pyalla Technologies, LLC., update to last month’s issue of NonStop Insider? To date, there has been no negative responses, so we will continue with this format. If you do have any concerns or questions don’t hesitate in emailing the editor of this digital publication at We are always welcoming any feedback you care to provide and are always open to any and all critiques of what we do in support of the NonStop community.

Having just written this, moving into the last month of the first quarter for calendar year 2021, are you comfortable with what we are all now calling normal? Not the new normal or even the abnormal but rather, simply normal. Looking ahead at what will likely transpire over the course of the remaining months of 2021, it seems as though we are getting used to our new work / life balance. With very few exceptions from the conversations I have had of late, almost everyone has become a remote worker with a space carved out of the rooms in our home, our new office address.

I would like to add that for Margo and me our decision to build two offices with one on each floor of our home seems brilliant in hindsight. We completed construction back in late 2018 not knowing that we would become so dependent upon our own space. Necessity may be the mother of invention but my overly loud voice resulted in me being kicked out of our shared office very shortly after construction ended on our home. I think I scored the better deal however even if it is on the lower level – my daily commute down the stairs is becoming a bit of a grind of late – it’s bright and airy and I have sight lines that take in the bar. I know I may sound like an estate agent quoting popular terminology but with the global pandemic it became very clear to us that our normal would be with us for a very long time.

What hasn’t been surprising is the willingness of the majority of the NonStop community to complete change the way they conduct business. For NonStop vendors so focused on developing and maintaining close business relationships, it’s been tough. But then again, for many of them time at their tables has meant more time on the phone and more opportunities to cold-call members of the NonStop community more often than ever before. They may not close business every call but what is obvious is that for all of them, their knowledge of use-case scenarios has grown.

Who knew US. Foods relied on NonStop as their system of record for all of their order-entry processing? If you had been on the year’s first virtual event conducted by TIC Software you would have heard about this and much more. Participants also got a good explanation about the “dot” that followed US and was sitting between US. and Foods. But it is this increased exchange of ideas as well as participation by the NonStop user community that I find most refreshing and perhaps the single brightest outcome from the normal we now are all experiencing. In case you missed it – it’s normal to think about what we do today even as it’s considered abnormal to dwell on what transpired in the past!

If you normal office is now nothing more than the corner of a table then you might be in the majority. As stories come in it seems that we are all looking for that ideal place to work. Are we keen to head back into the city or onto a campus? According to many agencies that track this then well no, apparently we are not all that keen. However, there is no escaping the upside of reduced commute times even if they do include walking up and down stairs.

News from HPE:

The big news from HPE came just a few days ago with its announcement of its financial results for Q1, 2021. In the March 2 Press Release that accompanied the announcement, the news looked good:

“We delivered a strong Q1 performance,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Our revenue exceeded our outlook and we significantly expanded our gross and operating margins to drive strong profitability across most of our businesses. Our non-GAAP EPS exceeded the high-end of our guidance and free cash flow was a record Q1 performance. These results give us confidence to raise our FY21 outlook.”

To read more about this late breaking story together with more news for the HPC / MCS business, look for my latest update in our regular column, HPE Corner, that appears in this issue of NonStop Insider.

Social Media Round Up:

How many of us belong to the Tandem Computers group on Facebook? Seems like it’s become a very large community and if you want to find a celebratory clock, a Tandem branded Swiss army knife or even one of the older tee shirts Tandem created then you know where to look. What I find most interesting is how many names came up of folks I knew and pretty much had forgotten about (when I really shouldn’t have) but there continues to be camaraderie that is hard to ignore. Participated in a TOPs event well, there are plenty of conversations about TOP events of late.

Keith Townsend otherwise known as the @CTOAdvisor is prolific at tweeting – check out Twitter for his daily updates. Keith is a #HPEinfluencer operating at the C-Level and his business insights not to forget his many podcasts are as good as any on social media today. Are you following him? Perhaps you might want to consider doing so. As for LinkedIn it seems the NonStop vendors have gotten the news and are posting with increased regularity – have you seen the latest updates from NTI? comforte? IR?


Tentative plans are being formulated for RUG organizations but still there’s much to be decided. The HPE NonStop team is only too keen to provide speakers but as has always been the case, please give them plenty of advance knowledge about your plans. For now, virtual events dominate the conversation but again, keep checking HPE and Connect web sites for more information as it is bound to change as organizers become more aware of what might be possible in 2021.

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC