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pyalla june 21

In case you missed the news, Margo and I spent the past two weeks on the road. The intent was to catch up with clients and some NonStop users but as with our travels late last year, our timing was a little off and we missed catching up with some of our colleagues. Then again, there is only so much time spent working out of a home office one can do, so the break of routine that we did manage made the effort worthwhile. In a couple of weeks’ time we will be heading to Las Vegas for the ATMIA US Conference and it will be our first in-person event in almost two years.

If this opening paragraph seems a bit too homely it was intended as Margo and I wanted to make you feel comfortable with reading of others committed to travelling once again. In spite of what you may read or see on news broadcasts, communities are actively engaging in former pastimes like conversations over coffee, coming together in bars and restaurants and on this occasion, simply finding time to mess about in boats. These east coast waterways of Florida were hard to ignore and watching yachts maneuver dockside while we ate dinner? Remarkable!

Key consideration and what many companies are also doing – should we move the corporate offices of Pyalla Technologies to Florida? Even though we aren’t located in California or even New York, should we follow many other vendors and move to somewhere warmer and where taxation (and paperwork in general) is less onerous? Seems like the popular thing to do this days. HPE is setting up its HQ in Houston so why not Tampa or Palm Beach? Surely, putting on an event for the NonStop community in the wonderful Breakers Hotel would be sufficient enough of a draw card to attract a crowd?

Unfortunately, after nearly two weeks in Florida, it can be safely stated that the downside of moving an office is well, the move. We don’t move a data center without subjecting the costs to do so to an appropriate level of due diligence. Even changing telecommunications vendors or thinking about the climate and weather (are we far removed from hurricanes?) has its challenges.

If you missed reading my post on how effective NonStop was when it came to handling the infamous Octotber 1987 Black Monday then it is worth checking out – see below. It was by accident that we heard than even among some at HPE folks this amazing achievement by NonStop wasn’t viewed as more than a legend and before it entered the realm of mythology, Margo and I wanted to make sure the full story was recorded. So yes, not just avoiding the weather, global pandemics or whatever may happen next, but making sure we have systems in place to accommodate it all remains a priority for all in technology.

Much of this is reflected in some of the recent posts we have made and when you look back at the forty five years since the first NonStop system was shipped to a customer (Citibank in New York), the one attribute that stands out more than any other is that when it comes to NonStop customers there isn’t a more conservative group of technologists than those that are responsible for NonStop. For good cause NonStop systems keep on powering on through, even in times like this, as their ability to just keep running and yes, to scale out as volumes increase, make them the systems for these times.

What our travels taught us was more of the human element than the technology. Time and time again, restrictions on usage were in place simply because the venue lacked the staff to fully open to all. This surprised us – it was far more widespread than we imagined as we drove out the driveway. It also surprised us how quickly communities abandoned masks and how widespread vaccinations had become. Margo and I can only add that from experience, it would seem that here in the US, we may be on the verge of breaking out of the pandemic and even as I know that there are many remaining legitimate concerns over just what normal is going to look like suffice to see, we saw enough evidence to suggest that it won’t be long. And safe to say, the offices of Pyalla Technologies will remain in Windsor, Colorado, for the foreseeable future.

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Cofounder and CEO
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