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Pyalla jul 21

Let’s begin with a brief update on the travels of late that took us to both the east and west coasts. From Ft Lauderdale and Tampa to superhot Las Vegas. Totalling the mileage we came up with 7,100 miles over this five week period. And, what did it all mean? What was the value gained from such a pursuit? In short, it let us see the country on a scale we otherwise could not have imagined even as it gave us pause to consider how the nation is dealing with the global pandemic.

In our last article we covered much of what we observed in the eastern states but turning around and heading west was just as sobering. There really isn’t any standard when it comes to fast food outlets, including coffee shops, even as there are no standard guidelines when it comes to dining out. As best as we can tell, once you get past the state and county levels it’s up to individual managers – one McDonalds wouldn’t let us through the lobby doors where just up the interstate, in the same state, everything was open, no worries. Sit where you like!

It is this vast diversity that we encountered that set the stage for the many business conversations we enjoyed. No standards with respect to returning to work even as there is a clear expectation by many that they simply will not return to work. No enthusiasm for enjoying a stroll through your local mall. Perhaps closer to home for many, no bank branch offices opening up. Put it down to a huge staff shortage across the board, but however you look at it, there will be pockets that are virtual ghost towns even as there is overcrowding and an abandonment of social distancing at other locations.

It was this shortage of staff and the reluctance by many to return to work that has driven the closure of many branch bank offices. No surprise here that the big banks are capitalizing on this and electing to shutter many services that otherwise may have produced serious customer push-back. What has been happening is the venerable ATM is being reborn – going way up market to be a branch office as well as being stripped right down. Do you want to bet online? Well there are now ATMs for that!

According to the presentations at the ATMIA US Conference 2021 we attended in Las Vegas, while the volume of transactions in the US has declined some 30% since the pandemic, the value and the complexity of the transactions being performed has climbed significantly. The big trends now being observed by financial institutions? Seamless integration with mobile devices and being prepared to accommodate crypto and digital currencies! Banks biggest fear for now isn’t the loss of business with consumers as it is concern over the central banks going directly to these same consumers.

Irrespective of the content of the event it was so good to be back attending an in-person event. The buzz was palpable even as the enthusiasm to “network” was evident everywhere you looked. With NonStop Technical Boot Camp planned to be an in-person event well, can’t wait to attend that major NonStop showcase event when October rolls around.

As for HPE Discover 2021 which we attended virtually, it was all about GreenLake, Lighthouse, Aurora and more. But to read all about what we heard from HPE, check out the HPE Update included in this latest issue of NonStop Insider. Bottom line? Entering the third year of the three year program HPE CEO Antonio Neri refers to as entering the Age of Insight meant the message was heavy on accomplishments to date but even so, the final pieces seem to be falling into place to ensure that HPE delivers on its commitment to becoming a world leading edge to clouds Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company.

For the NonStop community including the NonStop vendor community is the message that financial institutions might appear slow but behind the scenes there is a lot of activity. Can NonStop continue to provide value? Yes, think Ransomware. Think Distributed Ledgers. And more – the need for security, availability, scalability remains a premium and on these points, NonStop scores well.

Furthermore, for the NonStop community, it’s clear that HPE is stepping up to ensure GreenLake provides options for NonStop users. As you might have guessed by now, these topics as well as further observations from the road dominated the story lines of the most recent posts and articles. To read what they feature, check out all the links below.

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