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Pyalla Aug 21

It should be obvious from the photo above, right? It didn’t take long, a glance at these two Corvettes wistfully looking out beyond the glass garage doors and you comprehend that they too are simply roaring to go. “Raise the doors and let us out; we were meant to be driven this summer and not garaged like this where we are tormented endlessly as we watch other cars pass by!” Colored blue certainly adds their somber mood.

July has come and gone and with the passage of time this represents, Margo and I can sense that summer will shortly be coming to an end. With the arrival of fall we begin to see the plans for industry and community events restarting after a brief break during the hottest time of the year. And like those Corvettes pictured above, we too are looking forward to a return to America’s highways.

When it comes to plans being made by the NonStop community it should come as no surprise that the HPE GreenLake initiative is gaining traction with many of today’s big NonStop users. Did you see the news from HPE coming out of Australia where the giant retailer Woolworths signed an enterprise-wide deal with HPE for GreenLake?

“Using Greenlake, according to Woolworths, has enabled the company to shift from its current data center environment to an end-to-end-as-a-service cloud solution that enables greater capacity and business continuity. Under the partnership, Woolworths also has access to HPE’s cloud portfolio including Aruba, Nonstop, Primera, Synergy, and Pointnext Services.

“Partnering with HPE on Wpay builds on Woolworth Group’s existing relationship with the tech giant that has been ongoing since 2007. The retail group already uses HPE’s infrastructure and managed services to support its supermarkets and Big W department stores.”

There you have it! GreenLake, inclusive of NonStop supporting their Wpay application. Cool! This was how it was reported by the ZDNET newsfeed but the announcement was also covered by BusinessWire who made sure we all knew that with this deal, Woolworths:

“Has selected the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform to power its new Wpay payments platform. The solution is based on HPE GreenLake, which provides an easy to manage cloud platform that allows customers to innovate with agility, scale up and down to meet business requirements, and gain improved visibility and management of costs.

“Woolworths Group is Australia and New Zealand’s largest food and everyday needs retailer, with more than 1,300 stores across both countries and fast-growing eCommerce businesses.

“The solution leverages HPE’s full edge-to-cloud portfolio, including HPE Aruba, HPE NonStop, HPE Primera and HPE Synergy.”

To read the official July 20,2021 HPE press release, just follow this link –

A “big deal” for HPE? An even bigger deal for the HPE NonStop team? In follow up conversations with a number of NonStop vendors it seems that this isn’t the first big deal for GreenLake that involves NonStop coming out of Australia but with regards to Woolworths and Wpay, it has certainly gained a lot of attention. So what can we expect to hear from the HPE NonStop team by the time the biggest NonStop event of the year rolls around – the annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC)?

My conversations with NonStop vendors suggests that there will be impressive updates coming out of the previously announced Showcase program as it gains traction with vendors just as there will be newsworthy announcements about NonStop and GreenLake, I would have to assume. Nothing specific, as yet, that we can write about but I am watching the HPE community blogs to see if news breaks prior to TBC.

There will be much more covered in this year’s TBC and you can expect to see Margo and me in attendance. It will be tight, mind you, as we will be spending the end of September back on the east coast. We will be driving the 4,500 miles yet again and while our cars aren’t quite as anxious to be freed from our garage as it appears those blue Corvettes seemed to be, there is no question that Margo and I jump at any opportunity to meet with colleagues and friends given half a chance!

Travel, attending events, and in general enjoying time back on the road continued to influence the focus of our latest posts and you can check them all by following the links below.

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Cofounder and CEO
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