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Have you taken advantage of this new column? Have you been checking out the posts to blogs and web sites? Seen the latest LinkedIn promotions as well as the latest Tweets? It may come as a surprise to read of the activity in support of NonStop across multiple social media channels, but it’s also a very good sign for NonStop. Should you do a Google search on HPE NonStop you will be returned a full page of vendor ads in support of NonStop and that is a huge change! Check out the second page and still there are vendor stories on NonStop. And it continues through pages 3, 4, and 5 at which point I stopped.

The business of Pyalla is content and specifically, content about NonStop. And this month posts, articles and commentaries have featured sunsets and wishes. Having spent a lot of time on California’s coast, it was hard to miss the sunsets over the Pacific Ocean just as it was, with a certain longing Margo and I watched the many boats disappearing over the horizon. When it came to wishes it was a surprise to realize that three years had passed since we last made predictions about NonStop. But then again, there is always a lengthy conversation that occurs before posting these wishes for NonStop to the blog – have you checked the latest three wishes for NonStop yet?

Spring may still be a ways off in the Northern Hemisphere even as the snow continues to fall in Colorado, but the RUG meetings have begun in earnest with SunTUG taking center stage. And the good news is that there are many more regional and GEO events that will follow shortly. Margo and I have been strong believers in leaving the office behind and just getting out there to interact with the NonStop community. Quite simply, there is no substitute for hearing about NonStop whenever the community gets together and it’s important to socialize and network with those members of the NonStop community who are daily relying on NonStop in support of their mission-critical applications.

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In this February issue of NonStop Insider you will find a mix of commentaries, opinion columns and technical updates. Coming to you each month you will find more content on NonStop than you will find in any other publication focused on NonStop and it is encouraging to see as we approach our 42nd issue! It provides the answers to questions we may have on HPE and NonStop:

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It has been around this time of year that posts to our social blog Buckle-Up have turned to speculation about what might be found inside our garage in the coming year(s) and given how winter isn’t the best time for driving, this tradition continues in the February 2020 post –

Time is not on our side!

Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC