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In this issue of NonStop Insider you will find numerous references made to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (NonStopTBC21) that took place only a few weeks ago. With a last minute change in format from one that had been planned to be in-person to a virtual event, the NonStop team together with Connect pulled off a minor miracle to ensure the event ran smoothly. Even with such short notice, a thousand plus participants attended this year’s major NonStop conference.

The graphic above was pulled as a screen shot from the first keynote presentation of the event. This was given by Jeff Kyle who is the HPE VP of Mission Critical Solutions the overarching organization where you will find the NonStop team. Jeff has a number of responsibilities but his enthusiasm for NonStop is never lost on any audience he happens to front. And for good reason; NonStop continues to do well in the marketplace and with recent HPE investments made in the platform it has an assured future within the bigger HPE.

The choice of capabilities or attributes Jeff selected – Virtualized NonStop, Digital Transformation, Modernization – represent a mix of messages aligned with the bigger HPE together with a reinforcement of what NonStop users are looking for today. You cannot help to notice that this choice of just three capabilities has had to have been influenced by HPE GreenLake where virtualization plays an important role even as digital transformation, as a goal, is also a reference to GreenLake

As for modernization it still amazes me how little of the work done of late under the umbrella of modernization has made it into the popular press or is even known to the broader community of industry analysts. Like many of my peers working with NonStop I am often asked why are you following NonStop? Are NonStop systems still being manufactured? And similar – you would be amazed that at major HPE events including HPE Discover how few HPE executives are even familiar with NonStop! However, NonStop truly does power the world around us as Jeff highlighted in his presentation.


Modernization encapsulates all that is good with NonStop. You can pick your favorite development environment, platform, language and more. You have access to APIs that simplify access to processes from HPE and others. You have an industry-leading SQL / RDMS – leading because it can run 24 x 7 and yes, you can begin to enjoy reliance on NonStop with NS SQL/MX, the Cloud Edition just as you would with other popular SQL on cloud environment. In other words, Jeff is correct when he says he is seeing more instances of NonStop usage by enterprises pursuing major modernization programs.

One last observation? We all know of NonStop systems powering financial services and retail, as there are plenty of examples to check out no matter where you live around the planet. However, targeting healthcare and manufacturing as he did may be news to some, but in the coming months I expect that we will hear more of how today’s NonStop systems are making a contribution in both marketplaces. I would add transportation and distribution to manufacturing perhaps as a second tier opportunity as all of them are wrapped up in today’s world of eCommerce even as they are highly visible elements within supply chain operations that are being so disrupted today that perhaps it is time to take a closer look at modern NonStop.

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC