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pyalla dec 21

The continuing fallout from the global pandemic is hard to ignore. Will we come back to work as in times past or is that model dead and buried? Will we looking to deploy applications on the basis of pay-as-you-go? Will the cloud experience influence all future application deployment strategies? And finally, what about the Great Resignation, as it’s being called, as so many professionals call it a day on the job that they had thought would anchor much of their future work-life experience?

Conversations of late have seen these questions being raised and on each occasion the response has been a little different. For some it’s an anxious expectation that office life they knew for so many years would return and that small-talk around the water cooler would resume. Donuts on Friday, tacos on Tuesday, social outings bringing us together over a game of softball, cricket or soccer? On the other hand, there are others who aren’t thrilled by the prospect of returning to the office viewing the productivity tradeoff favoring the home office.

For the NonStop community, it’s been a mixture. Members of the NonStop user community have become used to Zoom and Teams calls even as members of the NonStop vendor community have noticed very little difference given as how many have been designated as remote workers for a very long time already. The reach of Zoom and Teams goes as far as to become the norm for events large and small; whether it is the annual NonStop TBC, a Regional User Group or even a vendor-specific presentation, sitting in front of our laptops, tablets and even our smartphones screens has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Over the course of just a few month, Margo and I have experienced HPE Discover 21, NonStop TBC21, NonStop product management updates for vendors and webinars, all from our home offices. Our recent participation in an NTI sponsored Webinar in cooperation with the Connect organization saw us on the other side of camera as we presented DRNet®/Unified for HPE Customers and all the while, we had this growing sense that this was indeed the way the world was now working. So yes, it reminded us of when we last worked for Tandem Computers, we were both admonished to accept “this is now your life, get used to it!”

Discussions around the Great Resignation and the possibility of a Great Realignment seemed to grow louder and become more boisterous by the day. Taking stock of how we work and what we contribute has led to many IT professionals leaving the workforce either calling it quits altogether or taking on the gig economy. For the NonStop community it is the rise of the independent consultant that is noticeably on the rise and their arrival represents good news for the NonStop community.

Take it from Margo and me – we have been actively involved in consulting for more than a decade, with NonStop continuing on its dramatic metamorphic journey into becoming a software solution capable of running everywhere there is a need to be able to tap into expertise wherever it can be found. More often than not this involves stepping out of the data center to engage a familiar face who just happens to have already been down the path you may be contemplating. It is the independent NonStop consultant that will likely know more about virtual NonStop (vNS) and VMware or vNS as part of Azure and much more. As for the journey NonStop SQL is on then well, there are no limits to how imaginative we can become with ways to capitalize on a true 24 x 7 database implementation.

There will be no letup in the number of virtual events that will take place in 2022, neither will there be a huge rush back to the office for the majority of the NonStop community. The new normal is still working itself out and there is every reason to think that there may be even more wrinkles to the models in place today appearing as we get deeper into 2022. However, one thing you can count on is that when it comes to NonStop, there is an abundance of talent out there all fully capable of providing counsel on the most complex of NonStop deployments under consideration. All you need do is to reach out the NonStop community either directly or via the many social networks already in place and an independent consultant will come to your aid!

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC