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How much has really changed? Since the global pandemic burst onto the scene it seems as though everything we planned on doing was put off and the projects we had prioritized were set aside. Our view of the world changed in a way that appears more intent on erecting fences than building bridges and the news channels seem to be little more than convenient vehicles for opinions rather than a means of sharing real world experiences.

Yes, practically everything we had assumed was going to continue along well-defined paths looks to be evaporating before our eyes. And then there was the war in Ukraine; nothing could have prepared us for the scale of catastrophe that we are witnessing right now.

As a community, NonStop users and vendors alike have become adept at navigating their way through Zoom and TEAMs calls even as we all look for better times ahead. Virtual experiences may be fine in small doses but to have such experiences, time and time again, does little to foster real relationships. The NonStop community has always been about networking and the sharing of ideas. It has been about creating an environment where you could lobby for your favorite project, product or feature.

Fortunately, we are beginning to see that all change. Perhaps it was the first in-person event held in Florida where the SunTUG community gathered. Maybe it was further up the Atlantic coast where MATUG met in-person. Looking further ahead it’s clear that the turn out for BITUG will help propel us in an even more pronounced manner towards a return to normalcy. Margo and I didn’t make SunTUG but we made it to MATUG and shortly we will be boarding a plane to fly to London to join others of the NonStop community in attending this year’s BITUG BIG SIG event.

With the BITUG BIG SIG event having been concluded you can download my presentation, Tearing down silos with DRNet®/Unified –

A lot has been written about immersive experiences. Whether it’s an art exhibition or a travel presentation there is no escaping the impact that virtual experiences are having on the real world. However, when we are asked how much has really changed, once we get past our response of plenty or everything it is hard to ignore that two years of separation haven’t come without a cost. The price we have paid is one of loss as surely as it is one of disenchantment.

But now, we are back! We are gathering again at events the NonStop community has looked forward to during those two years of isolation. And the question now is what can we expect to experience next? The short answer is that it will not be a return to the pre-pandemic normal we were used to but rather a beginning of something new. We will not be making assumptions the way we used to nor will we treat lightly an opportunity to meet with colleagues.

Connecting is going to be the biggest visible outcome as we exit the global pandemic and it is through in-person events such as are being planned or have already been held that we move forward. There is so much we need to share about NonStop and about the new market verticals that are beginning to consider deployments of NonStop. There is so much we need to share about NonStop as a Service and about the likely impact of major HPE programs like GreenLake.

These have all been the subject of posts and commentaries Margo and I have published these past two months and links to all of them follow below. And take a look at some of the commentary delivered in the social posts as they touch on the same topic of events and travel. But all these posts only scratch the surface as it will be the new conversations we begin that will set the agenda for all future posts and for that, Margo and I are so grateful that the NonStop community hasn’t changed at all.

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC