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When we look back at posts and commentaries for this latest period they cover a lot of ground. However, as I contemplated writing this particular update I decided to avoid a couple of topics that I suspect are being covered in many more places than this publication. There is a lot of fervor surrounding GreenLake and for obvious reasons as it constitutes a large part of HPE’s vision for the future. But then again, for many within the NonStop community it has become somewhat routine. Haven’t we seen time and time again, the concept of having someone else’s computers run our applications?

So no, we will pass on GreenLake this time. What about virtualization? Aren’t there implications for NonStop that go well beyond just GreenLake and support of everything as a service (XaaS)? Once again, there is nothing new about virtualization, virtual machines, hypervisors and bare metal deployments. This month we are celebrating the fortieth anniversary of IBM’s zVM although I recall it has been around longer than that if you trace the origins of zVM back to the late 1960s when Conversational Monitor System (CMS) appeared as a part of CP/67 that morphed into the VM family of products.

Again, we will pass on virtualization as well. As for something else then it might be a case of simply returning to the subject of what role NonStop can play and add the most value for today’s enterprises? Where is the contribution of NonStop architecture seen as relevant today? For a moment forget the urge to say that with someone else’s computers running applications and the highly likely scenario where you simply don’t know where you application and data reside as for across many industries, the demise of data centers is way over exaggerated. When you have seen it all before then you understand that what seems fashionable today will likely be yesterday’s news at some point.

Bringing back applications to the data center will be an opportunity not to be missed even as I suspect some within IT are already well behind the curve. We hear of on-shoring and a return to in-house data centers even against a backdrop of pandemic-influenced closing of some data centers. Co-location? That still resonates with many even as it is beneficial when it comes to housing a back-up system somewhere. Smarter heads are already looking at where enterprise responsibilities lie and in so doing, looking seriously at how they can best be assured that whatever returns to the enterprise data center, moth-balled or not, can be relied upon 24 x 7.

If the global pandemic has taught us anything it has been that our business partners and customers want access to applications 24 x 7 x 365. Unless your system has the inherent properties of being able to upgrade and add features together with accommodating routine maintenance without any need to be taken offline, then your enterprise will fail in meeting its mission. It can be a bear of a time when key systems go off-line.


And herein lies the story of NonStop and the one that should never be far from our minds – much of the elasticity of clouds (think scalability) is already a feature of NonStop with the added benefit, it simply doesn’t fail. And with that, we can now move on to looking at the solutions we need and the industries best served by NonStop. After all, shake up any solution and you will see changes taking place right before your eyes.

Talking of solutions, there were two posts on this topic that resulted in greater readership than has been recorded in some time and while they weren’t the only posts of this period you may want to visit if as yet you haven’t given them a quick look. They aren’t the only posts of the quarter but as I list below, further attention will be given to them. However, before listing all the posts remember too that we are entering a period where there will be a number of major user group events and Margo and I will be participating. We look forward to catching up with you at whatever event you elect to attend.

And now for the most recent posts and articles published during this period –

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I reversed the order of listing of the above posts as reading them in sequence is preferable. As for the posts that follow here it is well worth promoting one more time all that took place at HPE Discover 2022. And for a different perspective on HPE Discover 2022 you may find observations provided in our social blog Buckle-Up worth a second look as well.

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July 18, 2022
Detours, roadblocks and greetings from the West.

June 24, 2022
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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC