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“Still remember the gold days of Tandem”
John Cosgrave
Facebook – Tandem Computers
Oct 12, 2022

When I came across this remark from John Cosgrave that he posted to the Facebook group, Tandem Computers, it made me take a deep breath and ponder the question: What constitutes golden days? It led me to respond to John with “And I am still very much enjoying the longevity of this golden era!”

Walking out of my home and onto our golf course it comes as a constant reminder that Colorado is known as Colorful Colorado and just the other week we began to see the colors add a golden hue. There will be more changes to follow in the coming week, but already when your state has a city called Golden you have to believe that with the coming of fall it brings out the most colorful displays of gold. Just as I enjoy this display of gold for the NonStop community the question remains: Do we see NonStop enjoying its own time to shine, golden-like?

My most recent posts and articles have all been upbeat on this topic. The opportunities we have had of late to attend in-person events have provided us with strong vindication that our commitment to NonStop has been well placed. Just listening to presentations on NonStop SQL, Virtualization, Data Streaming Platforms and more has provided the encouragement many of us have been looking for. We all see the potential of NonStop to do even more than it does today even as we understand how “sticky” NonStop can become given further opportunities to support new applications.

There have been presentations on NonStop modernization with updates on how well NonStop supports the big four languages, C / C++, Python and Java, how well it supports current DevOps models and how strong the uptick in usage of open source remains. Into this mix you hear of Splunk, Apache Kafka, Apache Camel, In-Memory Databases / Redis and much more. All of which are contributing to even more applications likely to be ported to NonStop in the near future.

What still lags behind the architecture and technology strides being taken is our own conversations within IT. Not to dwell on this topic too much but when was the last time you were energized enough to push for a new application to be deployed on NonStop? Belaboring this point may make some members of the NonStop community uncomfortable, but to help smooth any ruffles that might appear, this is exactly why you should have made plans to attend this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (#NonStopTBC22).

I am expecting to hear a lot more about NonStop at TBC given how I have been on many calls with the HPE NonStop team as well as NonStop vendors. Not to give anything away but the ability to spin up NonStop applications and to do so starting out with code written to run elsewhere will become so much easier to achieve. How? You will just have to turn up. But the bigger question might be, why?  

Surely, NonStop systems have matured to the point where traditional systems packages are playing less of a role than in the past. Turns out some of the biggest NonStop users on the planet are spending even more on the latest NonStop systems than they have spent in the past. Mission Critical remains Mission Critical and no other system has displaced NonStop in this regard. NonStop remains the unquestionable best platform for handling direct customer interaction. No transaction loss; no data loss; no business opportunity lost.

In the past whenever we wrote of NonStop and its golden days admittedly it was mostly about the company and the sense of team spirit it fostered. However, while that is still present today among the NonStop team members I talk to, it is the product that is extending the golden era of NonStop and taking it down paths never before contemplated, no matter how enthusiastic we may have been about NonStop and Tandem before it. As with anything golden, it shines brightly and for me, there is nothing dull about NonStop.

With that in mind let’s all enjoy our time together at TBC as it takes place in a matter of just a few days’ time. See you there!

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