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Margo and I spend a lot of time travelling. We are often asked about these sojourns out into the wider world. Are we unhappy with our home life? Are we ducking house maintenance chores? And perhaps something many of us can relate to: Don’t you like winter in Colorado?

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. However the more important consideration is that as storytellers, we appreciate the value of simply immersing ourselves in the world around us. As I was once told, good stories don’t write themselves. Increasingly you will come across references to BizCations and Bleisure trips as we recognize today that with changing work practices, working remotely has taken multiple forms.  

Focused on the “NonStop community” means that today, the community aspects are just as important a consideration as the NonStop. As we emerge from the global pandemic and witness the transition to in-person events, community also means people; interacting with people are crucial to building interesting storylines.

We have just come off a successful NonStop Technical Boot Camp (#NonStopTBC22) event. More than an event and more than simply a conference, the elements that contribute to a good event always come back to the contributions made by the participants. An intimate conversation here and a feisty conversation there and suddenly you progress ideas of interest to all.

There’s no secret what makes an event successful. Dating back to ITUG Summits of the past, it’s always content that has been king. Get the content right and that means getting the mix of content reflecting the times and you will attract a crowd. I have no doubts about that. And yes, mix up the keynotes with equal amounts of specialized technical buzz and generalized social commentary.

If you were unable to attend this year’s NonStopTBC22 then you really did miss out and by missing out I mean you didn’t get an opportunity to hear what NonStop provides today, what it will provide in the near term as it addresses 2023 and where HPE is headed longer term.

If you might have thought the subject of The Tech Side of Sustainability wasn’t for you then you missed out on where HPE Labs was taking usage of photonics. Cool! If you wondered what will follow silicon then yes, think photonics.

Then there was the keynote session featuring guest, Traci Brown. Liar! Liar! May sound the title of a mystery novel but in reality this session was all about “Fraud Busting Body Language” that kept the audience actively engaged. A novelty maybe, but creating an environment that produced laughter even as it did some serious education proved to be an entertaining diversion.

As for Margo and me we were able to kick off the inaugural meeting of a new Tech Forum. A continuation on the time-honored tradition of holding a SIG or a “Birds of a Feather” style gathering around a single theme, this Tech Forum was about Business Integration and Analysis.

Bridging the topic of how and where to do real time analysis from data created on NonStop by transactions being processed for industries as diverse as finance and manufacturing is certain to hold the interest of some members of the NonStop community. Taking the example of how best to provide better detection of patens created by human traffickers elevated the conversations with more to follow by the time eBITUG comes around next May.

Naturally enough, the focus of the posts to our business and social blogs included numerous observations about NonStopTBC22. They also include many impressions and quotes from NonStop vendors as well as from the NonStop team and the Connect organization. Look for the reference, too, to spilt wine that isn’t a reference to the lyrics of the song, Spill Wine. 

Burlingame. Edinburgh. Denver. Tampa. Reston. Mississauga. Where will Margo and I see you next? Australia? Singapore? Oslo? It’s hard to say but already our calendar for 2023 is filling in. It was just a few days ago that I was reminded of how storytellers are much like software programmers. They both have a starting point as well as an ending. And in between, they have to address the inputs they receive to better provide the outputs their audience expects.

Who would have guessed that as I coded my last program way back when that all these years later I would be doing something similar, but this time with words. And with that introduction, I encourage you to check out our most recent posts and articles published during the period of October / November 2022 –

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC