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There is some truth to the old adage of having your cake and eating it too! In my previous article I may have continued with the storyline about travelling and the important role it plays in the life of any storyteller, but sitting in an office, staring at cubicle walls or even out office windows, does little for the creative mind. And yet, as important a role that travel plays there is an obvious downside and that is time away from home and the friends, neighbors, business colleagues that this entails.

I have always thought that there were times when you could enjoy that cake you had. However, those times seem to be nothing more than distant memories shaded by the rose-colored glasses we may be wearing. For the NonStop community there is much that excites us with the start of a new year particularly as winter turns to spring. The global pandemic too may be just another distant memory but the return of in-person events is worthy of serious celebrations. If you haven’t been keeping up to date on what is planned for 2023 then make sure you visit the Connect web site Events tab or check out the latest issue of Connect Now.

Real Time View has been the primary blog of Pyalla Technologies, LLC. Posts first appeared on August 20, 2007 and there has been a steady stream of posts ever since. These have born witness to HPE “Blading Everything” including support of NonStop on HPE standard blades, to HPE electing to port NonStop to the Intel x86 Architecture and then to remove the mandate for NonStop specific hardware in favor or running as a virtual machine with the help of VMware. These were considerable changes over this short period in the history of NonStop / Tandem Computers.

And yet, some 640 posts read more than 540,000 times, changes have begun starting with this issue. If you have begun reading the latest issue of The Connection you will find the return of the column Real Time View and it marks the beginning of a commitment for even greater support of the Connect community. The origins of the blog Real Time View began with the switch from a column in The Connection to the blog so it only seems reasonable to find that the blog is now returning to this Connect community digital publication.

While at first you may view this as yet another example of eating my cake, this is not the case. The current blog will continue albeit with a different focus. With the collection of NonStop vendors I support as clients, this blog will become the voice of NonStop vendors. As it now stands, the NonStop vendor community is made up of vendors with varying degrees of connections to the HPE NonStop team. This has substantially altered the playing field, tipping it in favor of just a few NonStop vendors.

On the other hand, the column in The Connection will be focused on the NonStop community and in so doing, anticipate reading more about events, news from the NonStop product managers and the marketing teams and the inside scoop (whenever possible) on what is new or coming. A different take on where the NonStop team is headed may at times diverge from what is being announced, however having fresh eyes take a look can prove valuable at times. The column will also be aligned with the published editorial calendar provided by Connect.

If you are thinking well, that takes the cake! Possibly. But in all seriousness, what almost continuous travel has taught us is that horizons aren’t constant and the vistas are ever-changing. For Pyalla, extending communication to better reach today’s global audience of NonStop users is a priority. Whether it is through the posts, articles and commentaries, or simply with the attendance at a user group, the need to communicate a positive outlook for NonStop remains of paramount importance.

But before providing links to what we published over the course of this past period, the word Expectation appears in the title of a post to Real Time View as it does in a post to our social blog, Buckle-Up. In a way they are related but very different – I will leave it to you to look further into the meaning within both posts. And with that disclosure over the future of digital communication, the threads that weave between business and social blogs, this is where you can read more from Pyalla. Check all of the posts by simply following these links –

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC