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Let’s get right too it – there really isn’t any point dancing around perhaps the biggest global issue of the day, the pandemic. COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds as we look to figure out how best to pursue routines echoing real life of only a short time ago. As for Margo and me (and if you missed reading our business and social blogs where there were posts on this topic), we came back from a cruise on Princess only to be diagnosed with Influenza B. The good news, according to our doctors! Living in Northern Colorado it’s easy to keep 2 meters (6 feet) of separation as the counties are sparsely populated. By the time you read this we will have come out of our period of self-quarantine, so hopefully, that’s the end of it for us.

When it comes to business we will be spending a lot of time behind our desks. Event cancellations have dominated the agenda and as of now, about all that remains on the calendar is the HPE Discover event in Las Vegas planned for late June. But who knows? Pyalla Technologies is all about providing content and the good news on this front is there really isn’t any let up of requests for more content. The focus of content developed to date? No issue on that score even as there has been a shift – it’s been about data and about open source. It’s been about integration and making it easy to embrace NonStop. It’s about leverage and capitalizing on the development models and methodologies in place supporting other systems and platforms.

Where there hasn’t been a shift is in the recognition that the key attributes of NonStop – availability, security, scalability – are as important for business as they ever have been. No, CIOs everywhere, outages don’t have to happen as was reported by one television network. It’s funny to keep on reading how government agencies and private enterprise alike continue to be shocked when their systems crash. Sometimes following poorly tested updates (Robinhood – Mishandling the rollout of a high-yield savings function?) but more often when subject to stress (Australian Government pushing citizens to their MyGov site?). Just this past week while unwinding travel plans, Expedia asked me to wait four and a half hours before an agent would answer my questions! Fair enough, you might say – but the ability to scale-out is as priceless today as any other feature you care to name.

I am expecting to read numerous articles by NonStop vendors on steps being taken to provide support during this crisis. I am anticipating too that there will be considerable focus given to data and to analytics as whether it’s health or financial crisis, everyone wants to see data translated to graphs and turned into actionable information. There will be a premium to be paid for data integration and there are NonStop vendors active in this market.  For now you can read more of Pyalla’s coverage of these topics, including several that were included in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider, simply by following the links below:


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It was all about the sights and sounds and the impressions made during time on the road that influenced these February posts to Real Time View –

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NonStop – it’s all about trust and track record!


NonStop Insider:

In the March issue of NonStop Insider you will find a mix of commentaries, opinion columns and technical updates. And yes, it was the 42nd issue to be published – for numerologists; the number 42 has always held significance. It was pleasing to reach that magic number even as this month, we have moved on. But if as yet you haven’t taken a look at what turned out to be a bumper issue with more than 20 articles submitted, then you can catch up on it all be following this link – Coming to you each month you will find more content on NonStop than you will find in any other publication focused on NonStop and it is encouraging to see as we approach our 42nd issue! It provides the answers to questions we may have on HPE and NonStop:


NTI: DRNet®:

Coverage of NTI will continue throughout the year and can be found in articles published in each issue of NonStop Insider – look this month for the article, At SunTUG, our first RUG event of 2020, the response for NTI has been positive!

Make sure you take a look at the NTI Blog where you will find this latest post –

SunTUG was the place to be – news and updates provided by NTI

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If you missed the latest post to the DataExpress News Blog then just follow this link –

DataExpress – Adapting to changing markets and workplace environments

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Video has become a popular medium for conveying your message and this hasn’t escaped the Striim team as they turn to providing updates on Striim via their new Whiteboard Wednesday series.

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Striim’s Whiteboard Wednesdays’ videos will fuel the imagination of the NonStop community!

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With as much coverage as there is of late to applications being delivered out of the cloud, it has been left to OmniPayments to lead the way with their OmniCloudX proving popular among financial institutions that may have thought running solutions on NonStop were out of reach:

OmniCloudX delivers OmniPayments’ products via the cloud!



As referenced above there were numerous blog posts covering our travels and their accompanying dramas that provided plenty of backdrop to a voyage to remember that was covered in the February 2020 post –

As the tides take us where they will … a voyage to remember!


Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC