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Another month, another period stuck practicing social distancing: Likelihood is more weeks to follow given the current status of this global pandemic. How are you faring? Still making regular trips to the coffee pot, the refrigerator and the bathroom? Looking good? How’s the workout regime going? When it comes to Margo and me, the business of Pyalla continues to be robust and with this issue of NonStop Insider, we have had more time to exchange ideas with the NonStop community. Many of these exchanges have led to commentaries and articles being written by various well-known thought leaders and you will find them included in this issue.

The focus of articles, commentaries and posts remains anchored in NonStop it’s hard to ignore what is taking place all around us. Hope for better times ahead featured more than once in posts written during April as did many references to what our home offices looked like. Event cancellations continue to dominate the calendar and as of now, about all that is still out there, just over the horizon, is the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. Think it may be the very first time the community gets together in almost a year? Are you making plans to attend? I know that HPE has its collective fingers crossed hoping that all will go to plan.

As for HPE’s big-tent marketing event, HPE Discover, the official news broke just a short time ago; HPE Discover 2020 is going virtual! Not sure how this will pan out but better minds than ours are already hard at work figuring out how best to put a meaningful show together in a manner that still attracts thousands of participants.

This month we have restarted our relationship with the ATMmarketplace community. A new agreement is in place for posting to their blog and while the guidelines are pretty strict – no blatant promotion of clients – there will be plenty of opportunities to work HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop into the story lines. If you are a part of the financial services industry where payments solutions are a major part of your business, then this is must-read blog worth following.

When it comes to firsts, there is an uptick in exchanges and commentaries on LinkedIn these days – perhaps another sign that with the global pandemic those working from home have a little more time and indeed energy to devote to sharing opinions online. This hasn’t gone unnoticed and there have been times we have joined the conversation. A number of these exchanges have been highlighted in this Pyalla update.

For now you can read more of Pyalla’s coverage of these topics, including several that were included in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider, simply by following the links below:

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The big news from NTI concerning the availability of TANDsoft FS Compare from NTI as an extension to the existing partnership that exists between NTI and TANDsoft, has been covered in numerous posts and articles. To read the latest coverage of this topic and about FS Repair (now in EAP), check out the latest post to the NTI Blog –

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The first post in a new series for ATMmarketplace has just been published. It sets the tone for more posts to follow and for all NonStop community members who are financial institutions, these are well worth reading:

LinkedIn Commentaries:


With less and less ability to travel and with many planned journeys to NonStop events across America now cancelled, there has been time to put into perspective what many members of the NonStop community are openly discussion – what comes next? From BizCations to StayCations to simply working as best as we can life has changed for us all. And the big question often raised today is whether we return to past practices or will we face a new normal where most of our time is spent off-campus?

For more on this, check out the posts of April, 2020 –

Richard Buckle Cofounder and CEO Pyalla Technologies, LLC