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Necessity has always proved to be the mother of invention and nowhere is this in more evidence than when it comes to addressing meetings, events and conferences. Have you been watching your favorite social media channel to find out what’s happening out there? For Margo and me it’s been a constant challenge sorting out what news is real and what’s more or less highly unlikely. Pyalla Technologies, LLC will shortly be wrapping up eleven years of business as we plan for our twelfth year and already, it’s akin to throwing darts at a moving dartboard.

Of course, the news concerning HPE Discover 2020 broke some time back and it’s going to be a virtual event. I have signed up for the event with just a little more than passing trepidation as it will be a totally foreign environment. On the other hand, HPE has some serious folks working through the programs and I have to believe it will be well worth the effort we put into it. Have you registered yet? You can’t miss the registration page as it’s on the HPE home page:

pyalla june 2020 - 1

However, before feeling too depressed over the missed opportunities to network with colleagues, news did break that the European NonStop HotSpot 2020 event – aka IT-Symposium 2020 – has been rescheduled and is now set for September. If you want to know more about this event check out the GTUG web site where you can download the conference brochure. As for Margo and me, tickets are in hand and our hotel registration has been updated. Will we see you there? There is still a lingering concern that even as the global pandemic appears to be calming down, Germany will place restrictions on events such as this but a chance to return to Berlin will always grab our attention. Missed the latest update from GTUG on their web site then look no further than to this:

pyalla june 2020 - 2

Perhaps the most intriguing of announcements has been the publicity surrounding our own RUG events here in the US. In a move that is aimed at bringing RUG events to you, look to HPE and the NonStop vendor community to bring a number of virtual RUG meetings directly to your desktop. While these events have historically focused on short vendor updates together with presentations from the NonStop team on current projects, historically these have been great times to network. How many members of the NonStop community have landed their next job following an early conversation with an attendee? Going virtual will be a challenge in this regard but Margo and I do plan on supporting the virtual event hosted by our good friends at N2TUG on June 17th:

pyalla june 2020 - 3

There will be more information provided in the HPE RUG’s – 2020 update, included in this issue of NonStop Insider. When it comes to recent articles, commentaries and posts look this summer for a two part post to the ATMmarketplace blog that features NonStop. It’s taken a lot of lobbying to get this publication to publish something about NonStop (and we all know NonStop powers the worlds ATM networks, right?) but I am optimistic we will see this in virtual print sometime soon.

However, before all that comes to fruition, you can read more of Pyalla’s coverage of these topics, including several that were included in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider, simply by following the links below:


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It has been an opportunity to write about scalability and the apparent difficulties some businesses have had in being able to scale out to handle peaks – something eCommerce and governments have found to their detriment. This topic and much more influenced these May posts to Real Time View –

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LinkedIn Commentaries:

A simple topic headlined with commentary of how being beardless didn’t go down all that well with the community –

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Not surprisingly, the focus of posts to the social blog mirrored what was covered in posts to our business blog, Real Time View.

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Richard Buckle
Cofounder and CEO
Pyalla Technologies, LLC