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There is a number of ways that you can create a sense of community in the blossoming world of virtual events. Some platforms work whereas others leave you wanting more. During the month of June Margo and I have participated in a number of such virtual events and while we are not about to champion ZOOM, it certainly has its advantages. However, the big test of virtual events had to be HPE Discover Virtual Experience and we have to say, it worked really well.

pyalla jul 2020 - 1

HPE Discover Virtual Experience didn’t provide quite the same level of build-up normally expected prior to such a big occasion. In the past Margo and I would have arrived a day or two before the event and it gave us time to check out the level of participation as we watched attendees lining up to register. Sneak peaks behind the doors to the exhibition hall also gave us clues as to what was being rolled onto the floor to keep everyone entertained. However, being a member of HPE’s Press, Analyst and Influencer community, what HPE provided was invitations to a number of news sessions (under NDA) that helped position all that was to be covered in the event itself.

Unfortunately, NDAs mean exactly that, so early information provided by HPE couldn’t be shared until the following day, but suffice to say I have more than enough material to cover a number of posts during July. So keep an eye out for more information to come and yes, connecting the dots between Pointnext, GreenLake, Ezmeral, as HPE delivers on its vision of Edge to Cloud, delivered as a service that, according to HPE CEO Antonio Neri, “is the right solution for today.”

pyalla jul 2020 - 2

Intermixed with the formal agenda were a number of ZOOM video conferences that HPE influencers’ manager, Laura Mackay, organized and called “Bloom Networking Events” where each of us was able to talk about items that were of interest just to us. And yes, they were held in good spirits and were fun … and we all enjoyed a kind of informal social even as some of our European colleagues were participating at very unfriendly hours.
This was an opportunity to raise questions about NonStop and I wasn’t shy in checking out GreenLake and NonStop as there is considerable curiosity among the NonStop vendor community about future participation of NonStop within the GreenLake program. More about this to follow in the coming weeks so again, look for more articles, posts and commentaries to appear throughout the summer.


Real Time View blog:

It has been an opportunity to write about scalability and the apparent difficulties some businesses have had in being able to scale out to handle peaks – something eCommerce and governments have found to their detriment. This topic and much more influenced these May posts to Real Time View –

Changing our perspective; what develops will be good!

The blueprint to optimum data integration; we sure could do with some help, right?

Outages, Yes! But with NonStop, No!

And take a look at the latest updated layout of the Real Time Blog and let us know if you like it or would prefer something different or even a return to the  old style.


LinkedIn commentaries:

For coverage posted about HPE Discover Virtual Experience as it happened, check out the LinkedIn Group, Real Time View and if as yet you haven’t joined then perhaps it’s time to do so!


NTI: DRNet®:

Working from home? Practicing social distancing? What about your business continuity plans? To read the latest coverage of how DRNet® meets today’s needs for BCP, check out the latest post to the NTI Blog –

NTI delivers business continuity to a world where adjusting to new norms means trying time for business to continue

For posts to the NTI blog, check out the web site –

And if as yet you haven’t joined the LinkedIn group, NTI: DRNet – your choice for NonStop Business Continuity, consider this your invitation!



When was the last time you checked out the Striim web site and looked at the contribution that Striim can provide to financial institutions? Striim enables banking and insurance companies to use up-to-date data across the business and facilitates time-sensitive intelligence. With Striim, you can ingest, process, and deliver data with sub-second latency to your analytics solutions to outsmart risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and seize unique opportunities to improve customer experience.

Use real-time data to gain operational excellence

For posts to the Striim blog, check out the web site –



Another post in a new series for ATMmarketplace has just been published. We maybe foreshadowing the demise of cash just a little too soon but to read the post just follow this link –

Cash equals freedom and freedom equals cash.



Not surprisingly, the focus of posts to the social blog mirrored what was covered in posts to our business blog, Real Time View.

For more on this, check out the posts of June, 2020 –

Change is happening, gradually; is it time to end this show!

Make way for the masked bandits: cutting loose, with caution!


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