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For the past couple of months Margo and I have been developing a white paper on the topic of NonStop Total Cost of Ownership. This latest white paper comes almost a decade after an earlier white paper was written on this topic that was ultimately published on the HPE web site with references to statements provided in that paper finding their way onto PowerPoint slides the HPE NonStop then used in presentations.

This new white paper, The ABC’s of an Affordable, Business Critical Compute appears in full in this August issue of NonStop Insider. Look for it as it should prove to be an interesting read. It pulls content from the latest IDC update on the Worldwide AL4 Server Market Share, 2019: Fault Tolerant Systems Become Digital Transformation Platforms published just this year.

Should you be curious about what was included in the original, now decade old, paper then, if you look hard enough on the web, you might even come across it as we did when we went to this site:

The biggest difference between the paper written in 2012 and this most recent paper is the expansion of systems included within the category AL4 by IDC. Given how IDC “no longer sizes or forecasts the market for servers that ship as AL1, AL2, or AL3” it is clear that IDC wanted to be more inclusive in order to provide a more marketable product. Even so, the NonStop community might be surprised to read that:

In other words, ship a second system to an existing customer then tell IDC it’s AL4 and no further action is taken on the part of IDC. All the more surprising then to see NonStop score as highly as it did given this kind of definition. Equally it’s just as surprising to read of IBM’s market share in decline.

Not all workloads are moving to the cloud. In his keynote presentation of HPE Discover Virtual Experience, HPE CEO Antonio Neri made a point of emphasizing how only 30% of applications have made it to the cloud and that in any discussion of Edge-to-Core digital transformation, HPE was aware that building out the data center albeit in a hybrid IT guise, would continue occupying the attention of CIOs for some time to come.

With this in mind, it’s important that as a community we communicate the true affordability of NonStop and impart on all those we come in contact that NonStop comes with no penalties for fault tolerance and when the need is to scale out, NonStop is better than all other solutions on offer today. Who else can scale all the way out to where, “clustered into large systems of 4080 processors for a total of 24,480 cores with the same system image and application environment” NonStop is unmatched in this regard.

As for other topics covered this past month, the fallout that continues to mount from the global pandemic is hard to ignore. Conferences cancelled, international travel limited even as domestic travel has been scaled back and opportunities to greet-and-meet our colleagues non-existent. However, as recent virtual events have proved, all is not lost and as much as I am a reluctant convert to this form of meeting, Margo and I finding little alternative to sitting down, tuning in and yes, watching it all! For information on all topics addressed this past month in articles, commentaries and posts just check out the following summary:


Real Time View blog:

Something about being in the right place at the right time had me thinking about what was covered this year at HPE Discover Virtual Experience. Even as the weeks recede and some of the conversations fade from memory, it proved to be a great source for new material that would find its way into multiple blog posts. What didn’t fade from memory however was the topic of Data Gravity – something new to me but important to HPE and where NonStop may already have the bases covered. To read of this and much more, check out the July posts to Real Time View –

It may be chaotic but NonStop sustains business faultlessly.

Changing rooms; cleaning house. Have you taken a good look at what NonStop delivers?

Right spot; right time!

Have you adjusted to the new style of this blog? Does it work for you? To date, results have been mixed so perhaps there will be yet another change.


LinkedIn commentaries:

Did you catch the latest short post to the LinkedIn group, Real Time View?

We asked the question “What bothers you the most in these times?” but before answering that, you might want to read the post in full. Check the group and if you haven’t joined this LinkedIn group as yet, perhaps this is the ideal time to do so!

For more on what was posted on LinkedIn as well as to Twitter and even Facebook, check out the Social Media Round-Up included in this issue of NonStop Insider.


NTI: DRNet®:

NTI is fully behind virtual events and will be supporting GTUG to the fullest – hope you tune in to hear the presentations. Like many of our peers supporting the NonStop user community, NTI has become adept at working with Webinars, Podcasts, GoTo meetings, Zoom video conferencing and more. It’s just the way of the world these days and to read more of how NTI is embracing change check out the latest post to the NTI Blog –

NTI sees marketing and sales plans evolve; business community continues to invest in NonStop.

For posts to the NTI blog, check out the web site –

And if as yet you haven’t joined the LinkedIn group, NTI: DRNet – your choice for NonStop Business Continuity, consider this your invitation!



Ever thought you would be walking into the branch office of a major bank wearing a blackened face mask? Well it happened and it wasn’t all that took place in July that had a bearing on how we are all adapting to social distancing and working from home.

For more on this, check out the posts of July, 2020 –

Mid-Summer surprise and a pleasant one at that!


When you are in a hole and need to get out, stop digging!


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