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pyalla sep 20

As I sit writing this update on Pyalla Technologies, LLC it hasn’t escaped the attention of Margo and me that this is the last issue of year four for the digital publication, NonStop Insider. That’s right, this is the 48th issue of NonStop Insider and with an average number of monthly submissions topping seventeen, NonStop Insider has become the repository for 800+ articles, opinions, commentaries and product updates. And for this the NonStop community needs to thank the team at TCM for all the support in ensuring each issue is published on time and with the quality and coverage of topics you asked to see addressed.

Looking forward to the 50th issue in November? Think of this upcoming 50th issue as a preview of the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020 now being billed as The NonStop All Digital Experience. Even as the global pandemic continues to influence much of our actions, at the very least we can all pencil in the dates November 16-18, 2020. And remember, it’s free to one and all members of the NonStop community – current and prospective! If you want a hashtag to monitor then simply look out for all items posted and tweeted with #NonStopTBC. I know with a certainty that Margo and I will be participating and if all goes to plan, there may even be a presentation or two from myself.

The global pandemic continues to dominate our planned activities as well as news headlines everywhere. Only this week Margo and I cancelled our travel plans to Australia and New Zealand that we had penciled in for end of February / beginning of March. We like to make sure we return to the Antipodes every two years or so but we do understand the reluctance by both countries to throwing open their borders. By all accounts, it’s looking like we might as well write-off 2021 as governments take a more cautious approach to not just opening their borders but opening their internal infrastructure as well. If you aren’t aware that you need to be sure to watch social media sites to see what virtual event is being planned then perhaps now is the time to do so.

Time off the road let me spend more time online and on the phone and this is what allowed me to spend the time I have spent looking at the TCO of NonStop. The savings over alternate offerings are impressive as they are very real. If as yet you haven’t read the final research note, published in full in last month’s issue of NonStop Insider, perhaps now is the time to read of The ABC’s of an Affordable Business Critical compute. Just follow this link to access it –

A PDF of this paper is in the works and should be available by the time this issue of NonStop Insider is published but if you want an advance copy, just email us directly at:

For information on all topics addressed this past month in articles, commentaries and posts just check out the following summary:

Real Time View blog:

Clouds, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Virtualization, Containers and Frameworks, all were covered in posts to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View. The one phrase that kept coming up was Digital Transformation (DX) and with it the observation that for enterprises dependent upon NonStop for mission critical applications, there is no reason whatsoever to discount in any way the value proposition of NonStop in support of any DX pursuit – in fact, for many NonStop users, DX has already occurred as the source of many transactions come from digital devices and have done so for quite some time.  Something about being in the right place to read of this and much more, check out the July posts to Real Time View –

Time to get my head out of the clouds …

You cannot teach anyone to go fast! You can teach developers to NonStop …

Fields of grain; with a side of mountains!

LinkedIn commentaries:

Did you catch the latest article published on LinkedIn? The headline for this article was When is experience not OK? It was promoted on a number of LinkedIn groups as well.

“Wisdom then is a two-edged sword within IT – the wise are all-knowing but then, when dealing with the unknown, doesn’t this put them in the same camp as the foolish? ‘Let’s just try it and see …’

“So, don’t write-off those years too quickly and don’t sacrifice your time in an industry for the sake of a new fad.”

If you missed reading it (and it’s a short read intended to foster an exchange), then follow this link –

For more on what was posted on LinkedIn as well as to Twitter and even Facebook, check out the Social Media Round-Up included in this issue of NonStop Insider.

NTI: DRNet®:

“NTI pioneered Change Data Capture technology 35 years ago and two competitors followed.  Today, it’s not clear to the NonStop community that NonStop will continue to be a priority for one of those competitors. Uncertainty over the future direction of its product will continue given its vast interests outside of NonStop.”

“Perhaps the time has come to look at leaving the stagnating world of legacy solutions behind and embrace those product offerings that continue to track to the NonStop roadmaps!”

Gained your interest? Want to read more? Then check out the latest post to the NTI Blog –

NTI taps new opportunities; NonStop users preparing to move-on from status quo.

For all other posts to the NTI blog, check out the web site –

And if as yet you haven’t joined the LinkedIn group, NTI: DRNet – your choice for NonStop Business Continuity, consider this your invitation!


Ever thought you would see me pouring a magnum of 1993 Château Lafite down the sink? Well, it happened. Ever thought you would see me say anything about motorcycles? Well I did. And when it comes to technology, some things age well and some leave impressions that last a lifetime. Both posts offer an oblique reference to why we are all so supportive of NonStop in these times and continue to promote NonStop whenever mission critical applications are being addressed. There is no substitute for those affordable ABCs that are part of NonStop’s value proposition.

For more on this, along with a little humor, check out the posts of August, 2020 –

Recapturing my youth? Mission failed!

Where our road is leading …

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